My first set of Leontine 

I often text my sisters and friends about random things that I think are THE BEST - the things that I feel need to be shared asap with a great deal of fanfare, emojis and too many exclamation marks. Articles, products, book recommendations, it's usually extremely random, but I had to create a special section for me to share my favorite finds with y'all.   I'll try to let you know when I update it each month.  I hope you find something useful!

* This page may contain affiliate links.  All opinions are mine and my sisters will totally call me out if the links aren't worthy. 

The Best ... 

Polos for Little Boys 
My boys love their Little Bean original polos 

The Suze gave me my very first set of Leontine Linens for my birthday and let me tell you, they are worth the hype.  Not only are they beautiful, but they are durable and easy to care for, which is huge when you have two small children.  I can see why they are considered heirloom linens.  And they make me so incredibly happy when I walk into the room.  

Amazon Prime Purchases
Late night, scrolling through my phone, things happen...
  • I swear I saw these stainless steel straws on Oprah once. Technically they're for the Yeti Tumbler, but I use them for everything. A small, random thing, but ... Well, you'll see. 
  • They're not pretty, but these OOFOS flip flops are life changing.  I wear them all day around the house and panic when I can't find them. 
  • My friend told me about this retro-style swimsuit that looks great on curvy people like myself.  They are not amazing quality, but for less than $30 incredibly cute.  Much cuter than many of my fancier suits.  I also bought this one, which I love! 
  • Well, August is here.  This means my kids can no longer hear me or obey any rules.  We experience a total communication breakdown around this time every year.  This parenting book has helped.  
  • These colorful cubes are great for teaching kids about counting and patterns.  They were recommended to me by a babysitter we had and I love them.  
I made this recipe for Perfect Pan-Roasted Chicken Thighs the other day and I plan on adding it to our weekly rotation.  It's so good and so easy.  

I now never leave home without using this Brow Gel. That is a sentence I never thought I would type and mean with such conviction.  

Hair (NEW)
For soft, shiny hair, which I definitely do not have as a very unnatural blonde, I swear by this Rusk Lusterizer (great made-up word Rusk ad team - I'm into it) 

Speaking of shiny hair, I read that Olivia Munn's hairstylist uses Elnett Hairspray to get her hair to look shiny.  I immediately went out and bought some and now I'm declaring it the best hairspray/shine enhancer ever.  

The Beachwaver is my new go-to for wavy hair.  It's so easy to use! One of my favorite hair purchases ever.  


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