Christmas Cards

Y'all, I've found the perfect Christmas Cards. If you're an avid blog reader you've probably already seen these blue and white beauties! 


They're from Dixie Design Collective, a lovely company I discovered while reading  The Glam Pad and The Enchanted Home, two of my favorite blogs. So thank you blog world for pointing me in the right direction!

I also loved these styles they offer: 




I was this close to ordering these: 


 How cute is the back? 


But the ginger jars won my heart. The cards are ordered! You can see more of the Dixie Design Collective Holiday 2016 Collection here.

Now, it remains to be seen whether I'll get stamps and addresses on them in time, but, one thing at a time.    

I have dreams of hand calligraphy on my envelopes to my nearest and dearest.  After baby girl comes, I plan to take a class from Dallas' super talented Susie-Melissa Cherry.


Susie-Melissa did calligraphy for my wedding and my sister's wedding, and I finally got to meet her over Thanksgiving and tell her how much I love her work.  She told me she could teach me and I was IN! It's an art that I've always wanted to learn and her classic style is always my favorite.  Something about her writing makes me feel so happy and at peace (is that a weird thing to say about someone's penmanship?) 

These are placards from my sister's bridesmaid's luncheon last year.  


But, alas, my friends and family will have to settle for my chicken scratch this year, made even more unfortunate by my pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel.  Good times! 

Also, if you're looking for some ideas for how to display all of the fun cards you receive, here are some of my favorites.  

  • Throw them on a pretty tray like I usually do - ok that's not necessarily a display, but it's a nice temporary place for them and friends can come over and flip through them.  Obviously, you put the cards with the cutest kids or most famous friends on top (just kidding, but you know you do it).  Actually, I like to put the guest's cards on top.  Just a subtle little welcoming thing.  Now if Britney Spears or any Bravolebrity sends me a Christmas card that will probably be on top of the stack always.  

Gold Alligator Tray

Juliska Country Estates Hostess Tray 

  • Hang the Christmas Cards from Pretty French Ribbon a la Martha Stewart 

I probably couldn't make mine look like that.  You can also use clothespins to hang them on the pretty ribbon.  

French Blue Wired Ribbon

24 Gold Christmas Card Holder Pegs
  • Go old school and put them in a sleigh like this one I found on Etsy (This look reminds me of my childhood) 
  •  Pretty up a bulletin board in your favorite fabric or ribbon (or buy one already put together). 
Navy and White Fabric Memo Board (the cards will bring in the Christmas colors) 

I should do this with some of the fabric remnants I've hoarded.  

I keep Christmas cards from my closest friends, year-after-year.  It's fun to look back and see how their families have grown.  I'll probably end up doing some version of all three of these ideas since my pile is already pretty big and I haven't gotten a single Christmas card in the mail yet.  

Do y'all display your Christmas cards? Any other ideas? 



  1. Those cards are the best thing I have ever seen.

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