5 Things

Just my favorite house, all decked out for Christmas
(I believe this was from an old issue of Southern Accents --- sigh) 

It's the Holiday Season! 

And whoop de doo and dickory dock

Y'all, I actually have 5 days of posts ready to publish for y'all.


No, for real!

I made up this new productivity tool for myself that I call 5 Things. (Aside:  What does it say about me that I have to trick myself into getting things done?)  It started with the completely overwhelming task of putting my laundry away.   I have a horrible tendency to walk by a pile and ignore it.   Usually it's a pile of laundry, but really any kind of pile is sufficient to induce more anxiety than is probably warranted.  I so wish I was one of those people who felt compelled to tackle it, but I'm not.  So now I'm trying to commit to putting away 5 things out of any pile I come across. That seems less overwhelming and has the wonderful effect of things actually getting put away. And y'all, sometimes I even do more than five things (ssshhhh).  This is kind of pathetic, I know, but I am 8 months pregnant so I'll go ahead and use it as an excuse.  Oh the perks of pregnancy! :)

Soo in the spirit of my favorite holiday season and my newfound way of "making it work," starting tomorrow, I'm bringing you 5 days of blog posts to hopefully get back into the swing of things.

AND here are Five Things to start us off.

1. Thank You! 

The fog is finally lifting from the loss of our sweet pup. This one definitely hit me harder than I expected, perhaps it's because I'm the mom now. Thank you for all your comments and kindness! It really helped and warmed my heart.  Your stories made me feel like I wasn't totally insane to be so devastated.  I appreciate you all more than you know.

Do you know who else I appreciate?

Andy Cohen.

Not only is his new book, Superficialgreat listening material (or reading, but with him I prefer to have him in my ear like he's on the phone just chatting away about his day), but it has actually helped me laugh and reminisce about my own codependent relationship with my dog (she was my first baby).
So, naturally, I had to tweet him to let him know.

Yes, Andy Cohen blessed my dog.  She can rest in peace now, and I can claim true best friendship with Andrew (that's what SJP and I call him).

2.  Thanksgiving

It also helped to go home to Dallas and be with my family for Thanksgiving. My parents' dog, Eloise, was noticeably at my feet the whole week. She usually ignores me in favor of my Dad, but she was by my side the whole time.  I swear she sensed I needed some extra fur baby love. Dogs are amazing! (Ok, I promise enough about my dog).

We had a beautiful, delicious family feast, and I just had to share one of the tables from The Suze's massive spread. We had both sides of the family at my parent's house.  It was so fun and relaxing.  How gorgeous are those flowers?

I did the Turkey Trot with my little family, which my oldest described as "horrible." Wamp wump! But it felt so good to just walk in all my pregnant glory. Plus, I love seeing the buildings of downtown Dallas.

I definitely thought about taking a shortcut into Neiman's off to the left.

3.  And, now, IT'S CHRISTMAS! 

My own blue and white Christmas ornaments I made last year (on our fake Christmas tree that I had to buy last minute after our other one died.  OOPS!) 

I'm in the process of decorating our house for Christmas.  Physically, I'm slightly rotund limited this year.   No climbing ladders to impulsively hang my own Christmas lights, and sadly, no making my own blue and white Christmas ornaments (pregnancy carpal tunnel is ruining my game).  So I hope to keep it simple, but that's not usually my strong suit.

How gorgeous are these displays from Nell Hill's, Kansas City's own popular "pretty house things" destination.  You can see more pretty decor on the Nell Hill's blog.

I'm dying to make a trip to Nell Hill's to see all of the beautiful Christmas decorations they have on display (on display, on display).  Looks like it's pretty much my version of Heaven! 

4.  Nursery Things

Oh, did I mention I'm preparing for baby #3 to arrive sometime right after Christmas???

I've spent the last few months gathering and painting, and I'm finally getting ready to put the nursery all together (or have Kip do it) and I can't wait to share it with you!

I shared a couple of peeks on my Instagram story the other day.

I framed some silk remnants of Scalamandre Pillement Toile to hang above the changing table.  I'm ready to have this room done!

The closet has become a project in and of itself thanks to my mom's amazing storage find - all my old baby clothes (as well as those of my two sisters)!

More on that later ;)

5. The greatest Youtube video ever

Ok, this is totally random, but my best friend sent this to me today.  I had sent it to her years ago, and it made my day.  If you need me, I'll be trying to memorize this dance routine next to the pile of laundry on the chair.  Enjoy!

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