Today, I thought it might be nice to bring some lovelies to your internet screen.  Just a few little sussies for you today! Hugs all around!

Powder Blue Little Girl's Room
Cece Barfield Thompson 
Favorite Colors, Favorite Designer
Cathy Kincaid * The Enchanted Home 

More Favorite Colors, Favorite Designer
Mark D. Sikes * House Beautiful

Laundry Room Dreams
Instagram of James F. Carter, Architect

Backyard Dreams
Julie Charbonneau Design

This is starting to get my basement renovation wheels turning (as I unsubtly gesture toward that built-in playhouse/hiding spot for me)
via Alice Lane Home Collection
Oooh so is this!
Andrew Howard * House Beautiful 

Gorgeous Window Treatments
Caitlin Moran * Lonny 

Pretty Flowers from my parents for my birthday a few weeks ago

Loving this artwork on display (on display, on display) from fellow Dallas girl Megan Adams Brooks
*so tempted to paint all of the doors in my house glossy Columbia Blue

We are in the midst of Dinovember at my house.  The boys LOVE it and it gets me out of Elf on the Shelf (our Elf is pretty lazy and just brings them a small treat like a piece of gum).  Plus dinosaurs are waayy easier to work with.

Here's my post from last night:

"Tonight the carnivores and herbivores came together for a hot shower and hugs." 

You can see more of my Dinovember Album here :)

And, finally, this.  Because it's always good.



  1. Eye candy bliss - and haha - memories - JS :)

  2. So nice to see you here...that picture of the dinos guarding tour shower brought back great memories!! My guys were into the ninja turtles:)
    So many beautiful pictures...that basement playroom OMG!! A kid will never want to leave, enjoy your weekend!!


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