All Signs Point to Porthault

Right after college, I moved to New York and ended up with a job in fragrance development for Calvin Klein Cosmetics working in none other than the Trump Tower.  That is about as close to talking about the debates as I'll get on here and really has nothing to do with anything other than setting a scene.  

SO I'm living in New York City, young and too blonde, and I'm walking down the street wearing bright red pants and a white button down with my hair in a ponytail.  As I'm walking confidently in my red pants (most likely from H&M), I look up and happen to make direct eye contact with Nicky Hilton who is walking toward me wearing bright red pants, a white button down and her hair in a ponytail.  It was a super random, awkward moment that I had forgotten about until today when her adorable baby girl nursery popped up on my Instagram.  

Because ...

This was the Honey Bear's nursery that I posted last year three year's ago.  Notice anything similar? (definitely not the ill-fitting ottoman slip cover that I hate to even draw attention to accept it's the only thing I see right now).  

We both have the kneeling boy print.  Mine hung in the nurseries of both my husband and my father-in-law. I actually have the matching kneeling girl print that I found and bought "just in case" I one day had a girl.  

All of this is just a super long and round-about way for me to convince myself that some classic D. Porthault Coeurs pink linens are absolutely necessary in Baby Girl's nursery.  

It's a sign.  Straight from God and Nicky Hilton.  Thanks y'all! 

And thanks Mario Buatta for this inspiration.

And thanks, Cathy Kincaid for using pink and blue so beautifully.

And thank you again, Nicky Hilton.

via Instagram

Go visit my friend over at The Glam Pad if you want a fabulous rundown of The History of D. Porthault - It's a great read and I saved every image from the post in my digital hoarding Pretty Things file.    

Update: As I was finishing this post, my 3-year-old was screaming "mommy, mommy, mommy"over and over again with an emergency iPad request that I wasn't taking seriously enough.  Because my brain was slowly shriveling un on itself, I completely forgot to thank Rod Stewart.

I mean ...


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out! :) I love Porthault, and you DEFINITELY need the pink Coeurs linens!! So exciting!!!

    The Glam Pad

  2. I've had my heart set on the Schweitzer linens "lovable".. So glad thier are blogs out there where we can discuss linens!!
    You should buy them for her, maybe she can take them to college with her!

  3. Schewitzers linens lovable is the same pattern and on sale!

  4. I want a set so desperately but can not decide what pattern. More than one is not an option but seeing all the pairings on The Glam Pad maybe I don't have to pick one just mix and match.
    Funny I have never seen the Rod Stewart photo before but I have sen his home (pictures) in California and he has amazing taste.

  5. How could I love a post anymore than this one? Thanks for your stories and your writing style!

  6. Love love love - just love it all - that Mario room. That coeurs linen. That print you both share - cannot believe - I searched for that sweet baby boy print after seeing yours - but of course Nikki is the one that found it ;) Do you have a source? And seeing the comment about - now I need to see Rod's home in Cali - agh - need double days each day ;)

  7. Ah just searched - "kneeling baby boy" (when I had first seen yours I had searched praying baby boy) - and saw etsy seems to have - yay! - to add to my loooong list of wants - and just reread and saw you already have baby girl print too! Fate! - and love that you are clearly inspiring Nikki too ;)


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