Sea Island: We Have To Go Back!

I don't know how many of y'all watched Lost, but at toward end of the last season when they're finally off the island (or are they?) Jack Shepherd can be seen shouting, "We have to go back! WE HAVE TO GO BACK!"


That's how I feel every time I leave Sea Island, GA.  We've been vacationing there every summer for over 15 years.  It's a place I've always felt I could really think and reflect on big life things, and it has become an anchor for so many of my memories.  Now that I have children, it's even more special to me.  This year was particularly wonderful.  We had our entire family together under one roof, which is hard to do even on holidays - my brother and his adorable family, my sister and her new husband, my other sister and her boyfriend and of course my parents, who made it all happen.

Also under the same roof, the most amazing beach house with the most amazing view.  I still cannot believe we got to call it home for the week. Of course, I took a million pictures to share with y'all.  So as our vacation cups read this year "Sip Back & Relax."

My Dream Beach House

Edward loved running out to check on the tide

When we were running around the house "oohing and ahhing" at everything, I said, "this looks like Phoebe Howard!" Sure enough, I was right.  She does neutral so well.  Getting to stay in a home designed by someone I admire so much is such a treat.  It's like waking up in the pages of a magazine every morning.  The house was stunningly beautiful, but also very livable.  You're not scared to sit on sofa.  In fact, quite the opposite, every room beckoned you to come in and give your feet a rest.  That is near perfect design in my opinion. 

Our bedroom for the week.  Just outside those double doors is a great big grassy lawn that overlooks the beach.

The upstairs landing with a table I was tempted to sneak in my suitcase.

A bit of a grainy image, I was probably shaking with excitement.

The upstairs master was the prettiest shade of pale minty greenish blue.  I loved the rug in there too.  Everything was very monochromatic, which made for a soothing space.

I believe this woodwork is original to the house and it was stunning.  We found before pictures of the house (it was recently renovated) and this woodwork was pretty much the only clue that it was the same house.  I'll show you before and afters in another post.

Another family room just off of the kitchen.  The ping pong table looks like there may have been a few games of beer pong played on it over the years.  Ha! The sign of a great time had by all.

My sweet Edward has a great eye.

This is what you see when you walk in the front door.  This entry used to have a grand double staircase that they replaced with a more subtle staircase off to the right.  I probably wouldn't have even thought to do that, but I think it was probably a great call.

The TV can be lowered into the media cabinet with the push of a button.  Genius.

Of course, my cooler younger sisters brought the Gray Malin for FUNBOY swan.

Clearly, the best place to rest when you've been swimming for five straight hours.

My sister and I both snap chatted the exact same picture with the exact same caption within 5 minutes of each other.  Oh good refrigerator does not go unnoticed or unappreciated in our family.

Back upstairs again.

Another guest room

The Honey Bear went so hard the first day he fell asleep sitting in the chair in our room.  I tried to move him to the bed, but he refused and ended up on the floor - a signature move on his part.

This is what I imagine Heaven looks like.

I love this picture of The Suze.

A brief break from beautiful views and perfect interiors to show you what 8:00 a.m. looks like on our family vacations.

Ok, back to pretty views.  You haven't see the last of this house!

As I get ready to send my first baby off to college (a.k.a. all-day Kindergarten), I look at these pictures feeling so incredibly grateful for the time I got to spend with my family.  Nothing is more important to me.  Gone are the days when I could spend a lazy month at the beach, reading, figuring out my life, eating the perfect sandwich, drinking a glass of champagne a little too early in the day, reading some more, and sleeping. I actually can't believe I ever got to do that.  Now that I have kids, our vacations look a little different, and I'll admit, it took me awhile to adjust. But now I've completely embraced the idea that while I may not be able to sleep in or read a full page in a book, I get to spend precious time with my kids away from the distractions that often creep in at home and just be completely with them. And they want to hang out with me right now! We make memories that we'll cherish forever.

Now I'm off to Kindergarten orientation! I'm trying to pretend this is just another first day of school and not mentally replay a slideshow of the last 6 years to the tune of What a Wonderful World. Yep, just another day ... 


  1. We stayed in this house two Easters ago! By far the nicest cottage we have stayed in while there.

  2. Wow that is an amazing house. You are very lucky to have enjoyed such a location with your whole family.

  3. Beautiful. thanks for sharing!


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