Master Bathroom Updates

Well, first day of Kindergarten is in the books. Good Lord! I wish I could go back to new-mom-me and tell her that the organic banana purée that my child refused to eat is the least of my worries. I feel like Aly Raisman at the end of her final floor routine - exhausted, emotional, knowing I gave it my all. I suspect now is when the real work begins though. So please pardon my light posting this week as we fine tune our routine! 

Ok, now for some updates to our Master Bathroom! We got to see a lot of fun stuff go up this last week and a half. Our bathroom is the size of my first apartment - bigger than we need. And since the reality police nixed my original idea to use half the space to house a magical elf who would lower snacks and beverages to my children via a simple pulley system, we went with plan B - marble everywhere. 

And it is everywhere!

And white subway tile. 

Also everywhere. 

And it's bright, bright white! I used Sherwin Williams Extra White on the cabinets and trim, Alabaster on the walls, and a very pale blue called Quietude on the back of the little nook you see above, as well as the back of the shelves behind the tub. 

We also lifted the original vanity a few inches, which makes it feel more updated but also saved us a lot of money. 

It's coming along! I'm getting excited! 

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