Little Bean Polos

The brothers racing in their Little Bean original polos
(I cannot wait to share the amazing house on the other side of this picture)

I never realized how much fun dressing little boys would be until I had my very own.  Sadly, I can see the days of dressing my boys in cute little outfits dwindling.  My oldest pretty much only wants to wear track suits, "snuggle pants," and anything that makes him look like a skater kid.  He refuses "handsome clothes" and anything that doesn't allow full range of movement with zero irritation.  I get it.  I'm like that too.  My youngest still loves a good preppy polo, but is very concerned with wearing all of the same color.  I can often hear him say, "But I want to be all yellow!"  The struggle is real.

And because my boys are future men, I have found the best way to get them into cute clothes is to let them think it's their idea.

Enter my fabulously stylish sister-in-law and her new line of original polos for her adorable children's boutique Little Bean.  These are by far my boy's favorite polos, and really the only ones I can get my oldest son to wear.

Fox Polo

Tiger Polo

Firetruck Polo
How cute is that Tiger polo for all the Mizzou Tiger's football games? (or all the other Tiger football teams out there ;)

The Honey Bear's dream came true when we visited the local fire station and he got to play in the fire truck 

Check out more of the Little Bean polo collection here!

{I definitely had to add these to The Best List}

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