I Love This Bathroom

I didn't mention in yesterday's big news post that we are also redoing our master bathroom. It's a BIG project. My first real big girl renovation! And the bathroom above is my inspiration. Of course, it's by the fabulous Cathy Kincaid.  She gets everything right in my opinion.

Here it is again without all the fancy magazine styling, and, dare I say, it's even more fabulous! 

This image has almost replaced my children as my screen saver. (I think it might actually be The Suze's screensaver).  I stare at it lovingly at least once a day. It's so helpful to have something to refer to when faced with mind-numbing decisions like the finish on your cabinet hinges.

I'll post more on our renovation process in the coming weeks.  I posted a sneak peek the other day on my Instagram.  It has actually been quite stress-free (knock on wood), although the tile installation has been delayed a week (wamp wump).

* My favorite idea isn't realistic.  That is to break up our extra large master bathroom into two rooms - one being our master bath and the other being an extra pantry with a small bed and a pulley system by which a live-in butler-elf would lower snacks to my children and free up about 85% of my free time.

P.S.  THANK YOU ALL for the incredibly nice welcome back to the blog world!! It warms my heart. A special thank you to my lovely friend Andrea at The Glam Pad, who kept posting so many pretty things and then sending me sweet emails to see if I was ever going to join the party again. Her posts are my happy place! Thanks for always keeping me inspired girl! 

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