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We are gearing up for our first day of Kindergarten over here! School starts on Thursday. OMG! So many emotions, but I'm trying to stay focused on the positive and leave the tears for after drop-off.  Because when I really stop and think about it, that we are here, starting Kindergarten, well, it takes my breath away.  Just typing that creates a lump in my throat the size of every hug, kiss and snuggle he ever gave me. Did I prepare him enough? Will he be ok? Will I be ok knowing that he's not completely mine anymore? Will he tell me what's going on at school?  Can I exercise enough restraint to not fix all of his problems for him? What if he does something, and I think "not my kid," but it is?  It's really very overwhelming, but it's his day and his time and all my worries aren't going to make his first day great.  I know the only thing I can really do now is keep being his safe place and try to be someone he can count on.  Just keep swimming.

So instead of crying last night, while all of my worries floated through my head (as they do the minute my head hits the pillow), I organized.

I created a special little command center where the boys can find everything they'll need in the morning and also where they can put everything when they get home. I have no idea if it will work, but I feel better knowing we have some kind of plan.  Last year our mornings were not easy, and after-school reminded me of my days on the sidelines at the high school football games watching the players run onto the football field in full-on "beast mode."  I do not possess a beast-mode of any kind so managing it in my little boys is entirely uncharted territory for me, but it's a real thing, y'all.  They would charge into the house like Pamplona Bulls after we got home and I finally understood the expression "my nerves."  I'm determined to make last year's hardest times of the day, this year's happiest times.  I think preparation is the key, but maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe valium is the key.  Any tips from you seasoned veterans out there? 

I tried to use what we had since this is sort of temporary, but I did run to Target to get bins that would fit the cubbies.  I hired a professional organizer last year after I found myself organizing and reorganizing the same things over and over again. I'll post more on that later, but it was quite possibly the best money I've ever spent. One of the things I learned is not to buy new organizing stuff until you've tried the system first (and measured - seriously, I have more storage things that don't fit what I bought them for - my organizer helped me organize them).  So we'll try this for now before I go buy a pretty cabinet or bookshelf or draw up plans to expand the kitchen.  

Of course, one organizing project leads to another and now I'm wanting to freshen up every surface of my house. Oy vey! 

Pardon the dark and grainy images (my new iPad camera is clearly not what I should be using from here on out) and the wrinkled sofa (somebody decided to practice his front flips right before I snapped the picture, whyyyy?).  

Update: here's a little brighter image now that the light is better (still has the wrinkles, but someday I'll probably miss them. Assuming I don't have a teenager practicing his front flips on my sofa) 

I restyled the little table behind the sofa and got rid of the clutter. Sometimes rearranging a shelf can make you feel like you have an entirely new room. Also I had to post this because it's literally the only clean and tidy surface in my house right now. The rest is a disaster zone. Toys, Legos, deflated balloons, kid's clothes, possibly even an abandoned wet pull-up lurking around the corner. No way am I putting those images out there, but trust me, it's borderline dangerous to walk. So that's my job today. Get it together. 

Or just sit and stare at my flowers for bit instead. How pretty are these pale peachy pink roses I found at the grocery store? This is my absolute favorite color flower.  When I see them it triggers some sort of happy endorphins, like when you are halfway through that first glass of champagne or a lab puppy pops up as you're scrolling your Instagram feed.  Mm mm I miss champagne. 

I'm now on a quest to find a paint color or wallpaper that mimics this pink for the nursery. Ideally, I'd just cover the walls in pale pink cashmere, but I don't think that's an option. I'd love any suggestions! Speaking of nursery, here are some fabrics I'm playing around with. 

I'm in love with all of them! 

(seriously, I want to go iron those fabrics and retake the picture, but I won't because I have a closet to clean out). 

Well, it's time to tackle Monday! I hope y'all have a lovely day! 


  1. Hi Jennifer, and how fun to see you back! I love the new and improved blog and a huge congratulations to you! Baby 3, so exciting.....buckle your seatbelt:) And yes I am secretly a little jealous as I would love to go back and have them all be little again. I have been dealing with a WEEK of my sons Fraternity brothers here and staying up until the ungodly hour of 5am laughing like its the middle of the day...ahhhhh the pleasures of having them young and getting tired by 8am. Enjoy it...happy to have you back, love the nursery idea, gorgeous!!

  2. "Faint Coral" from SW is a fave of mine. It's not too pink, not too coral, just enough muddiness. It is very light on the paint chip but when you spread it on the walls it does say pink just in a whisper. Good luck!


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