In case you haven't heard, I've been busy in the throes of wedding celebrations for my little sister and her lobster.* They married in Dallas at the church across the street from our parent's and had a gorgeous Christmas-themed reception at Arlington Hall. It was a celebration in every sense of the word - families and friends truly excited that this fun couple found each other. Definitely one of those big, magical life moments that reminded me how really lucky we are to have an incredibly loving family and amazing friends. As soon as we get the professional pics I will share them here, but I thought I'd post a few pics from the wedding weekend that I had on my phone for now.  I cannot wait to share more! 

*soulmate (Friend's reference) 

These are from the bridesmaids' luncheon at Marie Gabrielle. We decorated gingerbread cookies and got to take home Christmas pjs to wear on the wedding day (and every day after that because they are amazing). 

The rehearsal dinner at The Mansion was the most perfect blue and white affair. 

My youngest sister and I performed the "Sisters" song from White Christmas for the bride.  Moments after our stellar performance, I looked over and saw the groom's cousin, who was actually on Broadway. Of course, he was. The one time I do a dance routine ...

My phone was all tied up during the rehearsal dinner so I didn't get many more pictures, which is a shame because it was beautiful. 

Here are a few pictures of the wedding. Some are from my phone and others are from the Instagrams of my sister's fabulous vendors. As soon as the professional pics are here, I promise I'll share them with you! 

These two are the best. THE BEST. I love weddings, especially when you are celebrating two people who you know are meant to be together. It is a beautiful thing worthy of a huge celebration. 

I cannot say enough amazing things about all of the vendors who helped make this celebration magical. I had my dream wedding many years ago and I wanted that for my sister so badly. I really think they nailed it. It was like we were in my sister's happy cotton candy Christmas dream. It's one thing to have a beautiful wedding, but it's another to create that extra bit of magic where everyone is enveloped in a cocoon of love and frolick (do you like that?).  Somehow all of these people made it happen and it was perfect. I'll be back with more from all of her vendors throughout the year and a nice little love letter/roundup when we get the good pics. 

Happy 2015! This was one for the memory books. Cheers to an awesome 2016! 


  1. Jennifer I can see that this was a dream come true for Elizabeth!! Magic and splendor beyond! Thank you for sharing with us and am so excited to see more. What a great year lies ahead in 2016 !!

    The Arts by Karena
    Happy New Year Wishes!


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