Blue and White Christmas Ornaments

Hello friends! I'm in the middle of decorating for Christmas and thought I'd share some blue and white ornaments I've made. I bought a couple on Etsy last year and I loved them! Just after Halloween when I start to think about Christmas decorations, I started to get visions of a flocked tree full of blue and white ornaments. I lost the flocked tree battle (maybe next year?) and since we greatly overestimated our space and ended up with a 9 foot tree, I realized that if I wanted to fill it with blue and white ornaments, I was going to have to get crafty. Turns out I can kind of draw a pagoda and circles and lines. They get the job done! 

Since they are for me, I'm not too concerned with perfection. It's very gratifying to start something and finish it and with all of the blue and white in my house I'm never short in inspiration. I figure I'll keep going until I lose interest and hopefully next year I'll have exactly what I'm envisioning. 


  1. Very artistic! These Chinoiserie ornaments in blue and white are beautiful Jennifer!! I can just picture them amassed on your gorgeous tree!

    The Arts by Karena
    Books for the Holidays!!

  2. KIND OF draw?! Are you kidding me! Those look AMAZING! You could seriously sell them on etsy!

    1. THANK YOU!! I have at least one mess-up on each one. Ha! If I can get a little better maybe I'll do a pop-up sale next year!

  3. Your ornaments are SO cute! I agree with Jessica - maybe a business in the works?

  4. Wow!!! I am SUPER impressed, these look AMAZING!!! I can't wait to see more of your gorgeous home all dolled up for Christmas!

    The Glam Pad


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