Biltmore House, Part Two: The Conservatory and Winter Garden Room

In the "things I didn't realize I needed as part of my home" category, I discovered two essentials while touring the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC (see my first post here): (1) a proper conservatory and (2) a winter garden room.  Ok, essential might be a little dramatic, but if (when) I'm ever in a position to look to an estate with 33 bedrooms for inspiration, the conservatory and the garden room will indeed become essential.

First, the conservatory.

I love the arched windows, glass roof and herringbone brick walkway leading down to the building, which houses plants and flowers for Biltmore House.  

The walls are painted crisp white inside and different rooms have different functions, like the orchid room above.  And my favorite the "Palm House," named for obvious reasons.  

And how fun to have a potting room.

While the rose garden wasn't in full bloom, the mums outside the conservatory were absolutely gorgeous.   I don't remember seeing a lot of mums when I lived in Texas, so I really feel like I developed a love for them when I moved to the midwest.  The bright bushels of color always make me happy when the leaves start to change.

I have never seen bright pink mums like this before.  The picture doesn't do them justice.  They were so bright! 

I know that's a lot of mums, I just got excited.  

If you were wondering why they needed a giant building for palms and other leafy plants, well, aside from the fact that there are 250 rooms in Biltmore House, there's one room in particular that made me clutch Kip's arm and say, "can we do that at our house?"  

Number two on my essentials list, the winter garden room, which is just off to the right of the great entrance hall when you enter the front door of Biltmore House.  Since we weren't aloud to take pictures inside and I'm a nerd rule-follower, I borrowed these.  

Biltmore House Winter Garden Room
Here it is dressed for Christmas.

 Biltmore: An American Masterpiece

Behind the Biltmore Poinsettias
I think what I loved most about this room is that it wasn't tucked off to the side like a typical sunroom, it was right in the front of the house and yet somehow didn't look out of place.  

Stay tuned for Part Three with a roundup of my favorite rooms and ridiculous thoughts I had like pretending I was an undercover Vanderbilt touring my own estate to make sure they got their facts right.  

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