1830s New Orleans Mansion

I love to browse real estate listings, this we know.  Lately, I've been looking to the old MLS for inspiration and have had more than a few instances of realtors calling or emailing me about my interest in particular $5 million dollar homes.  I'm convinced there's a secret compound where agents can go and view the real estate search habits of potential buyers in a giant room with lots of screens and whiteboards like you see on Homeland.  I imagine a big group of them gets together a couple of times a week at about 10:30 PM when they see me log on from my cell phone, and then they place bets on where I'll search and what my minimum dollar amount will be.  I actually think I accidentally put my house on the market one night when I was up a little later than I should have been.  Oops! 

Anyway, this beautifully restored 1830s mansion by architect Frank Masson really spoke to me.  I noticed that the color choices were very much outside by usual wheel house of cool blues and whites, but the use of fine antiques and very high quality fabrics and pieces against a neutral backdrop really pulled me in.  And those window treatments!

The last two images are part of the "rear party house." I love that.  And the 1830s! Can you imagine the history there?  I have not taken any time to look it up, but I'm sure there's a great story here.  Maybe after I fetch my kids their 18th snack since I've started writing, I'll comeback and do some research.  


  1. A most fabulous property and as you say, Jennifer, it must be a fascinating historical home!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Carrier and Company

  2. Such a gorgeous and elegant property! Love all the lovely soft colors and that wonderful bedroom with the twin beds and wooden beams. As I'm a gardener I just loved that fabulous courtyard too.

  3. Wow, what a beauty!! So tastefully done.......love it!

  4. What a lovely timeless home!!!! The courtyards are to die for! thanks for the treat of taking an inside look! Leslie Sinclair


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