Sunday Funday

Well, I didn't get a chance to share my weekend links so I thought I'd make it up to you with a few fun links for today.

On Friday, featured The Birthday Party Project and my fabulous friend and founder, Paige Chenault.  How cute is she here at one of the more over-the-top birthday parties?

And then it got picked up and shared by Huffington Post, John Tesh,, etc.  It was pretty exciting!

I'm loving my dear friend Christina's new blog makeover over at The Potted Boxwood! The blue and white potted boxwood is just perfect.  I'm so excited to see what new fun things she has in store for us.

I'm also in love with this coat (and this little girl, which is only not creepy to say because I'm her aunt).  

You can order them here through Little Bean

I thought this was a fun kids room, from The Rug Company's Instagram

If you are like me and have a love/hate relationship with mascara, then go out and get Marc Jacobs Gel Definition Lash Lifter Mascara.  

It's the one thing I've been sending random texts to everyone about just so they can experience the same life-changing eye moment (How's that for drama? I once had an advertising professor who pronounced Dramatize with a long "A" - at the time I thought he was so goofy, now, I get it).  

Finally, this video cracks me up.

Have a lovely Sunday! 

(and Let's Go Royals!) 

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  1. Jennifer this news and publicity is so great for The Birthday Party Project! I cannot wait to do our fund raiser for the children!! Happy Sunday!!

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