Last Night I Sat Down ...

So I took a picture to remember the moment. 

Two little boys can keep a girl busy! They're at really fun ages though, 5 and 2, so it's good busy and I don't want to miss anything. 

I like to stand outside and stare at the house while Honey Bear watches for trucks and listens for trains and airplanes.  I found some gorgeous hearty mums for sale at this roadside farm stand. They were such a deal that I filled the car with them (and Kip looked on with fear in his eyes).  Now I just need some more pumpkins (and a reminder to turn off my front porch lights). 

Having an emergency clown nose in my purse is now a thing I have to remember.

But that's ok because suddenly they turn 5. 

That's a picture of Shannon Beador's bathroom on my TV.  Not creepy at all. 

That marble though. 

Speaking of marble, are those marble steps?  That's one of the few pictures I snapped while I was in Charleston celebrating my sister's bachelorette weekend! (Saying lots of prayers for my friends in South Carolina right now). 

9 weeks until her big day and we are so excited! 

And finally, I'm even more excited than Buddy to share this:

My friends and I have been working hard to bring this wonderful organization to the homeless children of Kansas City. Our first party is in January! I will post updates  on our progress in my Friday links, but if you want to learn more about this organization and how you can help, pleas visit or send me an email! 

So now that we're all caught up (and I have Internet back - seriously, I'll spare you the rant, but AT&T gets a big side-eye right now) we can get back to the business of pretty houses. 


  1. Hi Jennifer, I would like to help in some way and to hear more about The Birthday Party Project!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Lee Bowers

  2. I have 11 screen shots of Shannon Beadors home.

  3. The last photo looks like the scene in horror films. You can take these photos to welcome the upcoming Halloween.


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