Have a Royal Weekend!

Theresa got some company last week in the form of a gorgeous silver tea set that my in-laws gave me for my birthday.  It makes me happy every time I walk in the room.  The other day, the kids were whining, the dog was barking and I happened to walk by and make eye contact with Theresa.  I'm pretty sure she was standing there propped on her little stick watching the insanity unfold and thinking, "girl, deal with it."  She keeps me in check like that.  I hope everybody has a safe and fun Halloween Weekend! I will be cheering on the Royals and negotiating post-trick-or-treating candy consumption with my boys.  Stay tuned for more from my Biltmore House visit next week!

Enjoy these links with your spooky treats! 

Considering a bathroom update and this post is giving good inspiration

Another one of my bday presents came from here and I'm freaking out 

These chairs are a huge chic for cheap find in my book 

More (ridiculous but awesome) country house goals

I love emojis and these napkins are the cutest!

The Potted Boxwood is teasing us with something good

Good tips for the wood tile look

He even talked about it in a Facebook video!
(I can never keep my cool about things like this) 

Finally, please go watch The Pumpkin Man Dance (I find it strangely calming) 

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