Charleston Inspiration

I only snapped a few house pics while celebrating my sister's bachelorette weekend in Charleston. We were having too much fun! My littlest sister and I walked around for a few minutes in between destinations and she took the majority of these pictures.  Sometimes when I'm in Charleston, I get so overwhelmed by its beauty and charm that I have a hard time picking out my favorite details. Next time I'm just going to hold up my camera and click as I walk :) Enjoy! 

I fell in love with this house. 

I need to put an ad in the newspaper for "missed connections" because I forgot to take a closeup of name and address of this house. The colors were so pretty! It was so bright outside that it was hard to capture the color, but it was that pretty gray blue green with white shutters and a petrol colored door.  I'll find you again my love! 

Have a lovely Monday! 


  1. Very inspiring place. I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That last house was in Southern Living, even more beautiful inside. Her blog is Lacquered Life.

    1. I was just going to say the same thing! That is Lacquered Life's house, which I believe she just sold. (Don't worry, she bought another gorgeous historic Charleston house!) Huge fan of her blog (and yours!)

    2. I love it! I just discovered her blog and love it too. Now I know what I'm doing during nap time!!! Y'all are the best!

  3. Beautiful homes Jennifer, I've pinned to my Doorways to Delight!
    I will have a packet in the mail to you tomorrow! (no mail today!)

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Lee Bowers

  4. I love Charleston! We were on vacation at Kiawah Island this summer and we went into Charleston for a couple of days. It is just gorgeous there! We drove around just looking at the houses (my 7 year old wouldn't walk anymore!) Love it - I am hoping we will go back next summer!


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