3 Good Reads

1. Blog to Read: Lacquered Life 

* image by me (or my sister, actually probably my sister) 

Y'all are awesome! Thank you so much to the eagle-eyed observers who let me know that the house I declared my love for in Monday's post actually belonged to a fellow blogger, Olivia Brock of Lacquered Life.

I say fellow blogger like we're in the same category, but she's actually legit and her restoration of her Church Street home, which was featured here in Southern Living, is a lesson in the art of historic preservation and how to use new materials thoughtfully.

She posted larger scale photos from the Southern Living shoot here.  I love, love the serene gray, blue and white master bedroom.

* image by Francesco Lagnese for Southern Living via Laquered Life
Although it sounds like many of y'all already read her blog, those of you who don't should definitely check it out.  I love her eye, and her Cheap and Chic section is so helpful for those of us with champagne taste on fruity beer budget.

2. Book to Read: Monograms for the Home

This is one of those books that is not only beautiful, but also a great read, especially if you love all things monogram.  Kimberly Whitman just has amazing taste, talk about another fellow blogger who's the real deal.  

Yes, I read about monograms next to my monograms, like when my son gathers all of his superhero Legos to watch superhero movies

I've been stealing every second I can to sit down and read what I'd go so far as to call a monogram-lover's bible.  Also, the pictures by Dallas photographer John Cain Sargent are gorgeous! Definite must-have for your library and excellent Christmas gift (oh yes, it'll be here before you know it).  

3. Web Site to Read: Leontine Linens

Speaking of all things monogram, Leontine Linens just revamped their web site and it is a fun place to land when you are getting lost in the wonderful world of pretty pictures on the internets.  They have so many more images as well as an inspirational blog called Linensense.

So good, right?

I hope I have given you enough proper distractions to avoid doing what you were supposed to do today.


  1. All three are excellent reads, Jennifer. I adore monograms, they can really up the style of almost any accessory!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Palm Beach Chic

  2. I was aware of the last too but so excited to follow the blog!!! Thanks so much!! Leslie Sinclair


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