Love & Itchies

I love this.

I first spotted it on The Foo Dog Blog, which quickly jumped to the very top of my blog reading list (I mean, everything she posts is amazing).  This vignette belongs to a whole house of awesomeness (see here), but this image just burned itself into my tiny, shriveled little brain (see this sentence), and is stuck there.

And now I have an itch ... an itch I can't scratch.

It may involve Scalamandre Shanghai wallpaper, which I love so much I actually have a sample framed (I know, dork), but really I think it's more about painting everything white - real white.

Like this white.

Entry of Michael Bruno, founder of 1stdibs, is Benjamin Moore Decorator's White 

or maybe more like this ...

No, I want bright white like this ...

Benjamin Moore White Dove (Kitchen featured in At Home Arkansas via here, which has lots of white paint color ideas)

It's just so fresh and so clean.



  1. You're making me itch for that stunning white/gray marble countertop, it's time for a revamp in the kitchen. Hope you find your cure (color) of whiteness, soon!

  2. Thefoodog, I loved her tumbler forever, I love everything in your post also. Those parquet floors, those pendants in the kitchen and that stairway, wow. I always think that is why I should have a vacation home, completely different from my house.


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