Trad Home Pretties

I'm a little behind on my reading, and while I'm catching up, I had to share these images from the Spring 2015 Trad Home (the cool, online little sister to Traditional Home).  They featured 10 rising stars of design, which had me taking notes!

My real-life notes:

Chenault James is an awesome name.  So awesome, it must give her magical powers to read my mind and create the bedroom of my dreams.  Kind of awkward that it was for someone else, but I'll let it slide since we all get to see it.

I would make this bathroom my room that no one is allowed to go in.  It looks so quiet and peaceful.  What a lovely place to start and end the day.

Adorable little boys' bedroom!! It's hard to do classic and whimsical at the same time.  This is perfect!

  • Formula for my perfect bedroom = Leontine Linens + Spitzmiller lamp + pleated lampshade sconces + soothing color palette + a little floral + a few things that make you happy.  
Elle Clymer and Stephanie Woodmansee of Henry & Co Design nailed it in the bedroom below.

  • Ok to do the pool/water pic in the bathroom that you've been wanting to do forever.  Just do this whole bathroom.  
I love so many things about this bathroom by Jen Going - the mix of glass tile and marble, the shell mirrors and the incredibly relaxing pool photograph above the bathtub.

  • Petition the City of Leawood to allow white fences in front of our homes, butcher block half of our island, marble and millwork everything, find somebody to draw me a bath 

I would totally walk-stalk* this house belonging to designer Kristin Paton

*where you pretend to go for a walk for exercise, but really you are just checking in on your favorite houses.

Well done, Trad Home.

To see more pretties, check out the Spring 2015 issue here.


  1. Oh my...drool worthy indeed! I am in love with that island. Now to convince the hubs to add on to ours ;-)

  2. I stayed up TOO late last night looking at the pics of Chenault James portfolio! Amazing. Then I moved on to her Instagram (she is one of a set of identical triplets!) before I felt like a total stalker and I shut myself down and decided I would move on to the other designers this morning and clean my house at some other point this summer. Now have decided I need to figure out how to come across a ton of money and have Chenault or Henry and Co. come down here to my little town south of KC and decorate my center hall Colonial. Looks like the one in the pic above only white. Love your blog and seriously check in EVERY day to see if you have posted. My sister's in-laws live in Leawood on Cherokee Lane and go to Church of Resurrection - Leawood Campus. We had a baptism up there about 4 months ago. We go up to 119th all the time.

    1. You sound just like me when I fall down the rabbit hole of the internets! And THANK YOU for your sweet words and for checking in!! I love blogging and hope I can get back to posting more when the kids go to school. Your sister's in laws probably live nearby! We go to the same church and love it. So many good people there!

  3. Pretty pretty, especially liking the work of Chenault James, and you right..what a name! Always fun to discover someone new and talented...hope you are having a wonderful summer!

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  5. Bom diaaaa, adorei seu blog!! nada como dar o nosso toqque, adoro faça você mesmo, ótimas dicas!!Parabéns...
    Também adoro decoração, de uma passadinha no meu blog assim podemos compartilhar ideias e dicas...


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