The Suze's Pretties

This weekend I took the boys to Dallas for quick trip to surprise The Suze for her birthday! I was able to snap a few pics for y'all in between eating Bubba's fried chicken and mashed potatoes (I seriously are it 4 times and was only there two days). 

She had her sofas recovered and had them redo the arms to make them more tuxedo-like rather than the over-sized arms that were so popular when she bought them in the 90s. They are so pretty and perfect in the new space. 

Here's another view as we were watching About Bruce, Part 1 together as a family. My dad was the first to notice that Bruce had blue hydrangeas just like we do. Ha! 

I would have taken a better angle if I'd known I was going to share this one on the blog. She did a great job styling the shelves! 

The boys on the newly slipcovered chair! I kept throwing a sheet over it just in case some stealthy peanut butter hands made their way over to this beautiful blank canvas. 

I loved the giant robin's eggs on this chest. Sorry for the crushed up cheerio powder filter my iPhone was giving that day. 

She's still working on her entry, but I loved that Edward insisted that his dinosaur live on the silver tray while we were there. He's my little high brow baby. I can already tell he's going to like nice things when he grows up. 

Mom got out all of her pretty things for family to come over, which Edward immediately noticed. 

I gave my mom some peonies for her birthday and everyday they got bigger and bigger like a pretty, slow-moving firework. 

Wish I could have stayed longer! 


  1. Jennifer so glad you were with The Suze for her birthday....your family all has great taste!!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Everything is gorgeous. Your mom is a brave soul to let kids on white furniture but also to use the good stuff for dinner. I hate when my family "cuts" into the good china. UGH!


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