Southern Charm


If you like this blog, then you probably watch Southern Charm on Bravo.  It's basically my perfect reality show.  Light on the dark drama that the Real Housewives sometimes throw our way (ahem, New Jersey) and heavy on chintz and, well, charm.

And there is Patricia Altschul, who is the other person I pretend to be in my head when I'm not pretending to be Britney Spears.  (I kind of feel uncomfortable with that entire sentence).


So last night was the season finale of Southern Charm (tear), and I had two mini-freak outs.

First, as I was fully absorbed in the Katherine/T-Rav drama, I happened to notice out of the corner of my eye a figure in the shadows. It was my four-year-old standing three feet away from my side of the bed, smiling and quietly staring at me at 11:30 PM. AH!! How long had he been there? Why didn't he announce his presence?  Why is he awake?  So alarming.

Second, this.

Yep, that's Mario Buatta.  The Prince of Chintz hanging out in Patricia Altschul's kitchen offering his two-cents on the Southern Charm kids' shenanigans like it's a regular old Tuesday afternoon.   I died.

I knew the minute I saw her bright apple-green walls with all of the chintz and check fabric that Mr. Buatta had a hand in the decor, but I definitely didn't expect him to actually appear on the show!  It was just a hilarious collision of two unlikely worlds that actually made perfect sense.  We've entered into a new era Of reality TV y'all.

Patricia, her caftans, the fabulous chintz seating, the butlers and cocktails, they are the true stars of the show.  She's clearly having fun with it, too.  So in honor of the season finale, I had to post the grand "Buattafied" Charleston mansion, generously shared with us by the fabulous Miss Patricia.

If you want a great read, definitely check out the accompanying article in Architectural Digest.

Here are so more, less glossy photos, from the Bravo web site, which I actually prefer.

Which room is your favorite? I could never choose.

Now I'm off to mourn the end of my favorite TV show until it returns for a new season.  Let's hope this show only serves to encourage more fabulous people with legendary interior designers to enter the Reality TV world.  Bravo, take note.


  1. AH-mazing! I love that show! Bill thinks I'm ridiculous for watching but I love it! Her house is gorgeous! The brick die for! I love that there is still a ceiling fan in the kitchen b/ don't take a Southern Lady's ceiling fan away! ;) Although, I'm sure she's NEVER in the kitchen (notice how small it looked)!

  2. I thought her house was the star of the show? No?
    The House of Hampton

  3. Yes of course! My brain got away from me :) That house is 95% of the reason I tune in!

  4. Jennifer, yum and to see Mario B. must have been a dream!
    I do adore the apricot panels against the gorgeous blue scenic dining rooms walls!

    The Arts by Karena
    Coco Chanel

  5. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THAT SHOW!!!! Counting the minutes until the finale!

  6. I adore her and wish she had her own show. Or that she would write a book about entertaining. Love all the rooms but the double drawing room is awesome.

  7. I'm so besotted with this, as well!!! Did I get a peek of Carolyne Rhoehm at the Wounded Warriors party? I thought she entered with Patricia. Could we really have had Carolyne and Mario in one show???? Did anyone else spy her????
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

    1. I need to go back and watch, but I do know they are friends or at least shop together. My friend spotted them out and about in Charleston awhile back.

  8. Oh my goodness, I had not seen these pictures of Patricia's home from the Bravo website... FABULOUS!!! I so want to be her when I grow up! And I agree with Marie Arden... she totally needs to write a book!

    The Glam Pad

  9. I just discovered your beautiful blog. Thank you for the all the pictures of Patricia's gorgeous house. She has now become my favorite on the show. Mario Buatta also appeared in the first season after Patricia lost her beloved cat and he helped her place the blue and white urn with the cat's ashes above her bed. However, the urn doesn't seem to be there any longer. Her house is absolutely the reason I watch the show over and over again.

  10. Hello! I've never seen that show. Now I will be checking to see if they're on demand. I've always loved Mario Buatta. Love pink and green and toile! Also love your blog. I'm a newbie to blogging, just since January. It's fun. Joan

  11. The entire home is perfection. Some of my favorites are the entry stairwell art arrangement and lantern, the large scale scenic wallpaper in the dining room and the exterior garden. The house itself is one of the best examples of Greek revival architecture in the country. The 'before' photos of the home show the real genius of Mario Buatta. Some of the simple changes he made completely transformed the space.


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