Tricky Tuesday: Chartreuse Love

I can't tell if I'm being tricked by amazing designers into thinking I can use a color that I don't use a lot or if I really am inspired so I thought I'd throw it out to y'all.

It started with this vest from J. Crew.

I saw it in the store and could not stop thinking about the color.  I eventually went back and bought it and then worried that I should have gone with something more in line with the colors I wear, which are mostly navy and white (I know, surprised?).  

It is now quite possibly the item of clothing I've worn most for the last four months (just ask my fellow moms at preschool pick-up and drop-off), and it's definitely my favorite thing I've purchased this year.  

Soooo it's established that I like the color.  

Do I use it in my house?  Because I keep thinking about it in my dining room.  Just a pop.  Either some chartreuse velvet on the dining chairs or bring it in with some less permanent accent pieces.  

I know if it's done right, it can look really elegant and interesting.  


See!  I prefer the color in small doses.  

So what do y'all think?  What do you think Theresa will think?*

* If you are new here, Theresa is my judgmental shepherd lady in my dining room who looks over my household and keeps us in check.  You can read more about her here.  I'm pretty sure I just saw her eyes float down to the candle sconces that have been sitting on our dining room table for the last six months waiting to be hung.  I tried to explain that things get busy around here and she should lay off to which she replied, "Who gonna check me boo?" (We're both Real Housewives fans). 


  1. Bahahahahaha! I burst out laughing at the last pic and yes, I have seen you wearing it a time or two at preschool drop-off. ;) love the color and agree, a little pop of it somewhere could look nice. Preferably something you could change easily in a few years if you tire of it.

  2. Yes, that was funny! I love your quilted vest for sure Jennifer, and chartreuse does look great with blue and white. So maybe chair covers would be a good start!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Loving the vest and agree a touch of it in the dining room could be quite spectacular!! Will you? We are waiting to find out:)

  4. I see sliipcovers with chartreuse trim in your future :-)

    1. Wait, who is this? How can you leave me such a genius idea and not leave your name so I can thank you!! I hadn't even thought of slipcovers. I love it! So many possibilities. Thank you!

    2. Hi Jennifer, My name is Rebecca and I love your blog. Glad you liked my idea :-).


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