Random Tips and Tricks

I wanted to share a new series I'm going to try. (And by series, I mean, random posts on the go from my iPhone). I love a good tip or trick to make my life easier. And anyone who knows me knows I love to tell everybody and their mother about my new discovery (usually the mother already knows these things). So I'm going to try to pop in every once in awhile and share a tip or trick that's working for me. Whether cleaning, cooking or beauty related, just a little something I might text my sisters or best friends. It will always be something that I've actually found helpful in my daily life (and probably not at all revolutionary. Ha!). 

Today I have a couple: 

* The wet paper towel trick also works to soften brown sugar in a hurry. Just microwave for 20 seconds. 

* I actually texted my sisters that last tip, which gave me the idea for this series. Hope y'all like it! 

Feel free to leave your own tips and tricks in the comments. I'd love to know more! 


  1. Well aren't' you just the suzy homemaker bearing words of wisdom:) Great tips here especially the vinegar one have to give that a try. Have heard about the olive oil trick as my aunt who does have gorgeous hair swears by it!

  2. I put a slice of bread in the container of fresh made chocolate chip cookies to keep the cookies from getting too hard....The other tips are very helpful.

  3. Great tips Jennifer! It is the little things that help in day to day life. I have a friend who does a warm olive oil treatment on her face and neck once a week!

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  4. Do you have a tip to remind the husband that it's Valentine's day Feb. 14th?
    Great tips! Off to dip my head in the olive oil!


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