My New Mural from Susan Harter!

Hello friends! I'm so excited to show you my new custom mural from Susan Harter Muralpapers.  I posted about her work back in October (see here) when I came across this image on The Pink Pagoda's Blue and White Monday Post (always a good way to start the week).

I thought the concept was pretty genius.  Basically, you pick a design, send in your room measurements and they tailor the paper to fit your room, only selling you what you need.  I decided to order some samples to see if something might work above our fireplace, which was sort of an awkward space.  Not only is it visible from almost every room in the house, but it is also rather long and narrow.  

I needed something that is visually easy on the eyes and pretty enough to do the mantle justice.  

I just noticed giant Costco Bear hiding behind the palm!

Pardon the horrible, dark images.  This is what I sent Susan to show her my space.  She was so sweet and wonderful to work with!  When I tried to order samples, I couldn't figure out what I wanted so I pretty much tried to order every sample they had available.  I remember thinking it was odd that I was allowed to order so many samples, but thought, "oh well, no harm in trying!"  Susan contacted me herself offering to help me narrow down my options.  Ha! Oops! Really, she was incredibly helpful in choosing scenes that would work best in my space and sent me a couple samples, all of which were gorgeous.  

Together we ended up choosing the Calmsden True Scenic because of it's size and color.  While they normally do wallpaper she suggested having the scene painted on canvas to be stretched and hung.  After a few more emails, shipping and stretching, this is the end result:

Again, sorry for the iPhone pics. 

Still playing around with the styling

I'm so incredibly pleased with the painting and Susan was such a joy to work with.  I highly recommend her work if you are considering wallpaper or have an awkward space to work with.  Her prices are so reasonable considering how beautiful and custom the designs are.  If we didn't already have so much wallpaper in our house I would do a whole room.  Hmmm maybe our second home ;)

So go check out  and all of the beautiful murals! It looks like they just added a new trellis scenic inspired by Elsie de Wolfe's famous 1907 treillage room at the Colony Club, NYC.  Ya, I'm dying.  It's at the top of my list for things I need in my house someday.


  1. THAT. IS. GORGEOUS!! I love that it looks a little more updated and modern than a typical painting, but still works well in a traditional space. Perfect!

  2. Amazing! Looks fantastic and I love that she suggested putting it on canvas.

  3. It is gorgeous and I am so happy to know more about her art Jennifer!
    The Arts by Karena

  4. LOVE IT! Fits perfectly in that space and looks great with everything else in the room. What a great idea. Always love new resources. Love your blog and your sense of humor:)

  5. Hi Jennifer! Thank you for the mention : ) WOW, this is beautiful and perfect for your space! I'm going to check out this site now.

  6. Wow is that ever gorgeous!! I just love it..the colors, the scene everything is perfection, the perfect backdrop to your pretty blue and whites!

  7. lovely mood creator for sure! Did she paint it? or is it a wall paper piece...? not sure I understand...ciao Z

  8. Mural magic!! Absolutely gorgeous!! franki

  9. Speechless! It makes the room....
    One. Lucky. Girl.
    The House of Hampton


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