Pretty Pantries


I just spent an intense week trying to get my house organized, starting with my kitchen, laundry room, breakfast area, dining room and soon-to-be bar area.  I fully intended to just do the kitchen, but you know how that goes.

This is not my pantry, but this is what I'm going for.
I thought it might take a day.  Maybe two? 

But I've made a dent.  I feel good about being supercrazylady organizer. 

Well, I did feel good. 

Until I found my son's shoe in the warming drawer, which was on and essentially slow cooking the shoe. 

Meryl Streep

It's a slow process when you have little ones.

Next on the list: finish kitchen, basement toys, closets and bathrooms!


  1. Great inspiration pictures! Too funny, or not, about the shoe.

  2. I found my house phone in the washer and I don't even have little oes to blame it on!

  3. You are doing great Jennifer, although you did give me my laugh of the day! Come and see me sometime, girlfriend!

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