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Well, hello 2015. You feel very future-y.  I wanted to start 2015 on a high note with the above photo.  That blue hutch is fabulous.  If you decide to stop reading here, I would be fine with that, since this is the image I cannot get out of my head.  This suddenly became a crazy long post.

I made a few resolutions this year, just as I try to do every year. Some are personal goals, like lighten up, give more and read more.**

Then there are my house and blog goals. I have lots of projects I want to tackle this year, and I really want to share them with y'all because most of the really great design decisions I've made are 100% based on your advice, which is so cool. So here are some of my big blog/house resolutions for 2015.  Baby steps.

1. Buy More Blue & White. 

"Don't buy things that aren't blue and white" just didn't have a great ring to it. But really, I am having none of this Marsala color of the year business.

Remind me when I start contemplating a Marsala velvet chair or something.  I just can't live with a lot of other colors outside of the blue and white scheme. I love other colors. I just can't live with them. Therein lies the issue.

This is about the only image I can find where I liked the color Marsala.  

2.  Get It Together. 

You know, the typical declutter & get organized. Hopefully, I can take it beyond just pinning genius organization ideas and pretty places for things.  I'll never forget when I read an article (ok I forgot which article) where Charlotte Moss chastised those of us who don't keep a tidy house. Eeeyyikes!

Two things are threatening to derail me: 

Tweedle 4 year-old and Tweedle 1 year-old. 

Exhibit A: A new game called "Gathering Treasures" 

This game involves gathering items from all over the house and placing them in a room. And then jumping on the sofa (it's not like there isn't a trampoline in the room). 

Exhibit B: The water obsession. 

Usually, a quiet one year-old and an open bathroom door mean someone is playing in the toilet. This is a truth I live with daily. I am also acutely aware of any sound of running water in the house that is not of my own making and am usually quick to investigate. Yesterday, I made a huge mistake and assumed that the water running in the bathroom right next to me was because my husband was shaving. Nope. I'm sure you can guess what happened next. Drawers full of water. It was not the worst disaster we could have, but it was another reminder that we are livin on the edge over here in the land of little boys. 

Just keeping it real. 

3.  Do These Projects: 

(1) Master Bedroom Cabinets 

You might remember this post here where I contemplated doing this:

Well, I'm going to do it.  Kip is worried it will look cheap.  I'm hoping to prove him wrong.

(2) Paint Master Sitting Room Bookshelves, AND
(3) Upholster Some Chairs 

Master Sitting Room

(4) Have a Cabinet Made for Under The TV in the Living Room or Find Something That's not Super Awkward - This is one of those "I have it in my head" situations.

(5) Finish Edward's Bedroom 

Brothers' Room

(4)ish  Make the Blog Look Not So Much Like It's From 1992. 

Don't worry, I won't get too creative with the layout. I don't even know if I'll have time for this, but it would be nice to make it look a little more refined. 

It's a lofty list of goals, but I think it's manageable (famous last words).

See I told you I had tons I wanted to share!  I hope you'll stick around! (I hope you read stick around in Tony Danza's voice)

** For the first time since I can remember, I'm not trying to lose 10 lbs. This is the result of an intensely physical lifestyle forced upon me as baby #2 started to crawl. Suddenly my step count went from average to Holy Moly! I also made some changes to my eating that you can read more about here. Even though I'm not trying to lose weight this year, I still want to eat well and exercise so I'd love to try bring back my Slim Down Sundays if I have the time. So consider this Blog Goal #5ish tucked away so hopefully no one will hold me to it.  


  1. First of all.... the color of the year may not be my color for decor, however Sephora has a great collection of make up with it. It's actually a stunning color on all skin types. Who knew? That's about it. Your goals look good to me.

    1. I could see that! I forget that Pantone is speaking to fashion and beauty as well. It will be interesting and I know someone will use it in a way that changes my mind so I'm looking forward to that!

  2. I completely relate to loving color but not being able to live in a house full of it. Your goals sound like they, will keep you plenty busy. And congrats on the weight loss....go you!

  3. Goals are good and will keep you motivated to keep getting better......though you are already doing a wonderful job. Love Edwards room inspiration board, fabulous! I am impressed and inspired by your determination for weight of my goals, (nothing like a vacation and having to wear a bathing suit to remind you of that lol)..but i want to do it in a sensible way that will hopefully "stick" so I will be reading back on your older posts......happy 2015 Jennifer!

    1. I bet you look fabulous already. I love a good spray tan before getting into a bathing suit. Also, I know you know better than I do how a bunch of small rowdy boys can up your calorie burn.

  4. I LOVE your blog and have been checking in almost daily for a long while but have never commented. We have relatives that also live in Leawood. But today I have to comment because I think that article you mentioned by Charlotte Moss had a quote by her which was something like "It's all about self-respect", when it came to keeping a clean home. If this is the same article, I also read it and for some reason few things have stuck with me since (that says something!) and now I am constantly quoting this to my teenage sons about their rooms and when I feel like I've let my house get out of control or I'm too lazy to want to really clean, I find myself asking, "do I not respect myself??!!" Love your blog! Your sons remind me of mine when they were that age!

    1. Oh thank you for reading! You are so right! I love the idea of reframing the issue and that's such a great way to phrase it to my kids in a way that will hopefully stick with them (and make me seem like less of a nagging mom and more a bearer of sage wisdom). Great advice! So glad you commented!

  5. Love the blue and white...I have to admit I am a bit intrigued about the Marsala...although scarily reminds me of the burgundy/cranberry of the early 90' i will beware. Your blog is great.

    1. Thank you! I, too, am intrigued. I just know one of my design idols will do something amazing and make me think it's a genius color. Looking forward to that!

  6. Best of luck on your New Year goals! I look forward to seeing your accomplishments, especially in the master!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

    1. Thank you Leslie! Can't wait to see the inspiration you bring this year!

  7. Love this post!! My three year olds play that same game and it's such a fun one. No it's not. :) I also have on my list to update my blog. I think it's been on my list for 2 years now! Looking forward to seeing the updates as you're able to post them!



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