Have a Super Weekend (had to)

The Queen's Bedchamber - Karen Knorr 

Hello friends!  Who's excited for the weekend?  I spent the entire day working on an organizing update in between my day job responsibilities as monkey wrangler at the zoo.  I mean, my boys are so sweet and cute, but there are times when I stop and think "this is much closer to the monkey cage at the zoo than anyone is willing to admit."  I love the picture above.  It's just so perfect.  Anyway, my organizing update post was so long and rambly, I decided to save it for Monday (I know, I'm really making you excited to come back).  Instead, I'm leaving you with some links o' love, but many are organizing-related! I hope y'all have a super Super Bowl weekend.  Can't wait to see the ads this year.  The ones that make me cry are always my favorite.

Enjoy these linkies with some halftime drinkies!

I'm making these sandwiches for the Super Bowl - yum

Sanebox for your email woes.  Get it.  It's a sanity saver.

I've been using this app to scan things like business cards, important receipts and warranties

15 Cool and Practical Apps for Couples - some of these really do look cool

I need to see more of this nursery 

SUPERCUTE kids necklaces I got the boys for Valentine's Day (also spotted: the world's cutest little girl and blue and white, it's like the perfect post)

This is my new favorite Kansas City Restaurant 

Even Thomas Keller (one of my cooking idols) is giving me good organizing advice

I just realized I can subscribe to coffee 

This Breathing Trick really works when you can't turn off your brain at night 

Scallop detail needs to happen more often 



  1. I REALLY need some organizational inspiration so cannot wait to see what you have to say on the matter, always enjoy your links!

  2. Jennifer thanks for the great links. I can't wait to try out Cafe Provence in The Village!!

    The Arts by Karena


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