Have a Perfectly Organized Weekend!

This looks like Heaven. {image via thefoodogatemyhomework tumblr - one of my favs}

Hey y'all! Still in super organizing mode so I apologize for not coming up for air.  I just so rarely get in this kind of zone.  It helps that until the last two days, it's been too cold to expose your skin to air outside.  I would never get this kind of motivation in the summer.  I have become no expert at organizing by any means, but I have made a few changes from my usual organizing benders that I think will make a difference:

  1. I'm letting go of my typical need to make everything "cute" and just trying to get it done (i.e. I replaced cute baskets with clear plastic boxes that can withstand the murderous hands of my toddler), 
  2. I'm also letting go of things in general, and 
  3. Lots of labels.  It's not pretty, but at this stage in our household it's necessary.  If something is not in it's spot, it's usually in the bathtub or the basement and it makes me insane. This helps everyone else help me.  And the kids are no longer off the hook because they can't read.  I printed pictures of almost every significant toy we have and each one has a place.  I also labeled a few food items in the refrigerator, which really makes me look insane.  BUT it's really helpful.  One quick glance and I know exactly what staples are running low, and I can put it on my list.  It's a technique called finding the path that uses the least brain capacity.  I just made that up.  

I'll be spending the weekend working on the closets.  Yikes!  I'm not looking forward to it. Any advice for closet organizing?  Also has anyone read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up?  I need life-changing tidying skills and lots of magic.  Wish me luck!

Alos, I hope y'all have a very lovely weekend! Enjoy some links below!

I usually love the Timehop app (if you've ever posted things on social media, it's super fun!) ...

Until it reminded me that I was having the exact same organization freakout exactly 1 year ago!

Another great app that just launched, Good Housekeeping @ Home

This cooking appliance is about to replace my slow cooker.  It's amazing! (I'll post more about it when I've used it more, but so far I'm very impressed.  It's gonna be a game changer)

Some good parenting tricks

The Emotional Phases of Cleaning Your Home, in GIF form (you know I love a good GIF)

Dallas Friends Take Note!

Blue & White Collecting Advice from a pro

The most beautiful post on kitchen storage

I just want to be in this room sitting in silence with a glass of champagne and a cookie



  1. Wow you sound unstoppable...inspiring!! i will looking to YOU for tips because lordy knows there is plenty to organize around here try as I do:) Always enjoy going through your reading recommendations and appreciate including my blue and white post:) Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  2. I need to get organized. I was just thinking last night that I have been so busy that I have made a choice to keep my house clean and sanitary but it is far from tidy and I hate it. I am off to read the links with tips. I have one for you that helps to keep on top of food inventory. We keep a dry erase board in the pantry and anything is running low gets written down or Mom doesn't replace it.


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