I'll Probably Be Royal

I'm sitting by a cozy fire on a giant worn slipcovered sofa while my dad and my husband flip back and forth between hockey and football. I'm obviously bored out of my mind and tempted to turn on Vanderpump Rules and watch the room clear out. But I like my dad and my husband, so I decide to let them stay while I read design blogs on my phone and try to figure out the best way to get someone to give me a blanket.

Then, I'm hit with this post and my heart starts racing.

"OMG. Oh Em Gee. Are you kidding me???? What? Where? Omg!" 

My dad and my husband do not even acknowledge what is clearly the most amazing thing I've ever seen on my phone EVER! 

Luckily, my 20 year old sister is sitting in the corner and decides that what I am looking at must be good enough to pull her away from her intensive iPad search for the perfect Spring Break/21st birthday local. 

But no one is really taking me seriously.  

"This is my dream home," I exclaim. "And it's in Kansas City.  And it's not even a house.  It's a high rise."

I knew this would get the husband's attention.  We just moved into our dream home in the perfect neighborhood with the best neighbors, schools and grocery stores galore.  What could possibly make me want to move into a condo?  He's intrigued.  My Dad is telling me about his friends who live in a high-rise and like it.

"It's 9,000 square feet." I'd left out the mansion part.

Kip sits back, relieved that I'm just in my other reality.  My Dad thinks that's too much space.

Y'all can decide.

Sherle Wagner Hardware through out.  Old school fancy.


Gah again! I love the gorgeous curved staircase, corbeled dome with cove lighting and "reed & ribbon" moldings.

Living Room with paneled walls, custom moldings, silk window dressings, oak parquet floor.

Oh, that's not the real kitchen, silly.  That's the service kitchen.

Made to look like the real kitchen.

Felt-lined walk-in silver service!!!! Yes, I'm shouting!!!

Powder room with framed Chinese papers reclaimed from the original entry (oh to see that!)

House manager's office.  With marble.  Because you give the house manager whatever they want.  It's the rules.   The house manager at my house would like marble, too.

A guest room.  (See the end of the post if you're curious who has slept here).

Just a view of manicured English Gardens.  We all have those in Kansas City.

Dining Room with silk brocade walls and draperies.

What kind of games do you think they played in the game room?  The "look out the window" game?  The "look at my pretty walls" game?  Oh, I know, the "look, there's a conservatory just through the archway, lets go in there" game.  I like games.

Rooftop Terrace

Kansas City has some of the prettiest skies I've ever seen.  Also, hands down the most beautiful sunsets.  It's not something it's known for, but it should be.

I can't with that view.

If you need a Dr. Pepper or some Goldfish, don't worry, the game room kitchen's got you covered.

Mens love this room.  All mens.  I love that the TV is hidden behind that panel across the way.

Many a cigar had on this balcony, I imagine.

This is just storage, but, to me, it's as beautiful as any of the custom molding.  I'll spare you the rest, but there's more.

The back staircase.

There's so much more.  An apartment with it's own kitchen. (That's four kitchens.  I love that.)   More bedrooms.  More views.  Irrigated landscaping.  Mystery (Who's lived here? How come I always thought this was a fancy retirement home when I'd walk by it?)

The 10-acre grounds.  And yes, they really look like this.  I used to walk by The Walnuts all of the time when I lived near here in law school.  I wondered why I didn't live there and then determined it was because it was a retirement home.  This type of thinking kept me sane in law school.  It's actually a super high-end condo development sitting on 10-acres of private park just across from the beautiful (but public) Loose Park.  I would've failed out of law school trying to stalk this place.

"I think I need to live here," I announce to everyone in the room.  

"Yeeaahhh but then when you have to take the dog out you have to go all the way down and all the way back up and it's just a pain," says my dad.

So there ya go.

* All images from Cates Auction Real Estate Company

UPDATE: According to this article, former owner (not the current seller), Charles Price played host to overnight guests such as Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Prince Charles.  He was a former U.S. ambassador to both Belgium and England, and apparently a pretty great one.  I love learning a little bit of Kansas City history.  


  1. Oooohhh.... WOW!!! This is GORGEOUS!!! That staircase! That wallpaper!! The storage!!! I'm in love!!

    The Glam Pad

  2. What the what? I fell over at the felt lined silver closet! I'd like to apply for the position of house manager please.

  3. Ummm...yeah, I'd be perfectly happy just working for whomever buys this. That service kitchen and house manager's office are both serious upgrades to my normal person kitchen and home office/storage room/guest bedroom!

  4. OMGoodness. This CODO is 3 times the size of my HOUSE!!! AND, I don't have a dog so no problem there:):) Now to come up with the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Happy new Year!!!

  5. You are too funny. I don't think this is very child friendly!

  6. Wow, Prince Charles?!! Beautiful!
    My biggest gasp is the price. You could barely get a 1100 square foot house or a decent condo for that! A comparable home would be at least $4mil..

  7. Ahhh The Walnuts, the best of the best. Yes, Jennifer don't we wish many more people knew what a gem Kansas City is and how many great philanthropic families live and have lived here! So much to offer in this great city!

    All the best to you and yours in 2015!!
    The Arts by Karena

  8. If I buy this you can come and visit any time you want. It is truly a magnificent residence.

  9. That pink closet made me SCREAM...and I'm at work.

  10. Ohhhh, I took a group on an art tour in that building a few years ago. It was amazing. KC has some gorgeous homes


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