Gift Ideas: Blue & White Home

Gift Ideas: Blue & White

You know I had to start with blue and white.  It makes for such a pretty presentation, right?  These are just a few ideas, and to be honest, I probably should have titled this "Gift Ideas for Moi.  I want all of these things.  I also want others to have all of these things.  I know, I know, just spreading joy one cachepot at a time.  Follow me on Pinterest to see more of my Christmas 2014 Gift Ideas.  And if anyone is really, really stressing and needs help finding something for a loved one feel free to send me an email and I'd be happy to help! I love that kind of thing.  

Monogrammed Cocktail Napkins - How pretty are these? You can never have too many, especially if you have a lot of really fun friends who drink red wine.

Coral on Glass Base - Great for the person with lots of bookshelves and no idea what to put on them.  Looks great everywhere.

Kyoto Pillow Cover - Ok, really, I just want these so I'm putting it out to the Internets in hopes that it will come back to me.  I love anything fish scale because MERMAIDS!

Framed Holiday Art - If you have one print titled Twinkling Ginger Jars and another titled Ginger Jar Christmas Tree, I'm in.

Blue Canton Rectangle Box - I love the Canton pattern.  It can fit in almost anywhere.  I have a friend who still wears her retainer every night who might be getting this for Hanukkah.

Mottahededeh Cobalt Blue Lace Candle - I'm sure it smells great, but who really cares when you have such a pretty container.  I mean, I have limits.  I'd be fine never smelling sour milk from a sippy cup ever again, but I might even be ok with it in this pretty vessel.

Personalized Elephant Stationery - One time on this blog I got called out hard for misspelling stationery.  Shamed.  It was tough love, and I'm grateful for it.  I will never do it again.  Also, Mom, if you're reading I need these or else I may never write thank you notes again.

Blue and White Planter Bowl - Give this with a pretty orchid in it and you're basically giving someone a happy moment in their home every time they look at it, which is kind of huge.  You get to be a happy moment maker!

Softest Throw Solid - They really are the softest.  I'm pretty sure one of y'all told me about these which makes them even more legit.  They are on crazy super duper sale right now, too.  Oh and free monogramming.  Go.  Wait, not yet.

Hillary Thomas Finials - I love these finials.  They are so pretty, like jewelry floating over all of the lamps in your room.  It's a little detail that really makes a difference, too.  They're also something I never think to buy for myself and many of your friends probably don't even know they want.

AVF Cocktail Tray - Such a pretty pop of color!  I cannot get enough trays in my life right now. I'm all about containing.  I love this one because it seems simple, but anything you serve or display on it will look very chic.

Haffke Bronze Rose Enamel Frame - I have this frame sitting next to me right now with a picture of my sweet boys.  It is really, really gorgeous.  Pictures don't do it justice.  Trust me on this and buy it for someone special.  It might be one of my favorite things in my house right now.

Navy Chinoiserie Cachepot - Give this to someone with a little plant or cute stationery and awesome pens.  Le Pens always look chic (although they are not my favorite, I like a fine gel but most don't make for a stylish presentation #designbloggerproblems).


  1. Excellent choices! You can pick for me any day of the week.I have to say that I agree with you about The Pink Pagoda's plant holder. It's a must!!!! I also have a thing for orchids. So there a go...

  2. I LOVE every bit of this!! Thank you for including my planter!


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