Whoa, I did not intend to take a two-week break from the blog! So what have I been up to? 

Hanging pictures 

Staying in front of peanut butter hands 

Hanging more pictures 

Hanging plates 

Hanging panels 

Researching bearded dragons as pets - anyone have experience with this?? (Yes, Edward is asking for a real "dragon-lizard" after seeing one at the science museum.  So glad he's too young for Game of Thrones. He also wants to name it Chris, which I told him might confuse the dragon since his brother's name is Christopher) 

Thinking of ordering new stockings 

Choosing a new fabric for my cornices (finally, they should be ready soon!)

Considering fabric for my dining room chairs (which I'm not actually changing anytime soon) 

Trying to get a good picture for our Christmas cards 

Not sitting down 

Drinking coffee (Thanks for the perfect mug Sister Meredith) 

Trying not to let my inbox freak me out about Chritmas shopping 

Styling Dinosaur Photoshoots and channelling my days playing Barbie to bring Edward the magic of Dinovember 

And finally, spending the better part of two-weeks remembering a wonderful time in my life. 

That was likely the biggest contributing factor to my strange bout of writer's block and subsequent break (I mean, really, this isn't The New Yorker). Hopefully I can bring you some links tomorrow and more on a lot of this stuff next week! 


  1. You have been super busy! Love all the new touches around your home. My girlfriend's son had a bearded dragon...didn't last too long-hated having to buy live crickets for it to eat, it smelled, and the chance of salmonella freaked her out! Just thought I would let you know so you can do your homework!!

  2. So glad you're back and all is well : ) .

    Love the panels and would love to know more about them. And how did you hang your plates? I bought some of the invisible "disc" hangers but I'm not sure I trust my pretty plates to them. Eek.

    We've had several friends over the years with bearded dragons, and it sounds very much like what Simply LKJ said. Lots of escaped crickets, living with the noisiness of crickets, several bouts of salmonella (young kids are esp susceptible, and reptiles can show no symptoms), etc. One friend said she wished they had waited until their kids were old enough to look after/help look after it.

    I just heard back from my friend, who sent me this,

    from which: Because of the risk of salmonella, which can be severe or fatal, "Reptiles are NOT recommended if you're pregnant or have a young child or an immuno-compromised person in your home."

    Double eek. How about a family membership to this,

    And that way if Edward is still interested in a few years, he'll know enough to look after things with a little help from Mom and Dad : ) . Yes, I'm one of those mean mothers who says no a lot. My poor deprived kids, now ages 17, 15, and 14, never had a trampoline, dirt bikes, or pets in the house. But we live in the country, and they do have an (older) quad and snowmobile, and an outside dog and several cats, so life isn't terribly miserable!


  3. You may have been absent (we missed you) but you've certainly been productive. I love the wall gallery and panels and plates hanging. Great job. My favorite thing may be the dinosaur set up. Brilliant.

  4. Girlie you've been busy! Love it all but I think the egg prints are my favorite...did you hang them on a wide ribbon? Looks beautiful! And as for the lizard you are brave. My boys love looking at them at the pet store but know they are absolutely out of the question. They stand a better chance of getting a second puppy vs a reptile or rodent. Keep us posted on what you decide.


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