Have a lovely weekend!!

*Oscar de la Renta's Bedroom (blue heart emoji!) 

Oh boy, it's been a hectic week! Lots of steps on my Fitbit despite not actually exercising.  Thank you for all of your comments and suggestions on the few posts I did manage to get up this week.  As usual, you were really, truly helpful and always sweet! Y'all are the best! 

Have a lovely weekend!
Furniture in the master bathroom when you don't have space for an extra piece.  
(Thank you, Rebecca, for the link in the comments!!) 

I will definitely be popping into the newly renovated Panache Chocolatier next time I'm on the Country Club Plaza - just the organized walls alone are like a little slice of Heaven. And the chocolate ...

My friend Tobe's Master Bedroom ORC Reveal proves just how awesome she is.  It is so cool! 

Another awesome ORC Reveal that I would not have seen if not for your comments! (Thanks again, Rebecca!)

OMG The Pink Pagoda's ORC is soo good.  No words.  Just click and swoon.

Pretty blue and white curtains

Possible drapery fabric for the wood paneled library? 

Looks like the kids are getting penguins for Christmas this year!

My blog friend Tina's Enchanted Home was on a TV Show that I'm probably going to have to start watching now! 

I love this cream and tweed outfit inspiration

Loving Leather Lately (that was fun)

* I just found out my former dance teacher, Miss Dorothy, passed away. Dallas friends reading this will remember her from her days at the Park Cities YMCA and then PCPAC. She was a tiny little force from Boston who had an intense passion for her art and her students. She had such a profound impact on my confidence during a time when most of us need a little boost (side-eye middle school). In a former life, I wanted to be a professional dancer and she always made me believe that was possible.  I didn't get a chance to tell her all of the positive things she did for me so I just wanted to take a moment here to honor her light. 

My little sister doing her best in Miss Doffee's Tiny Dancer's Class


  1. The ORC was amazing this go round. Still ooohing and aaahing! Sorry to hear of the passing of your dance teacher. Those are the kind of teachers we remember fondly. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Lovely appreciation of your dance teacher : )

    Because the internet makes me nervous so I rarely use my real name, I thought, who is this Rebecca person who mentioned the same things I did? And then I realized that, um, it is me. What a dope : ) . But glad you enjoyed the links!

    We have fairly similar tastes, though just so you know I would have kept the oriental rug in the living room (ha!)...


  3. I am so sorry to hear about your dance teacher, Jennifer. Thank you for all of these great links and for spreading the love about the "New" Panache Chocolatier!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. So sad about your former dance teacher, sounds she made a huge impact on many aspiring ballerinas, and that she was a special person. Thank you for the mention..happy you enjoyed it. It was quite the "experience"!

  5. As a former teacher, I always love hearing appreciation like yours for teachers. Great ones are so hugely impactful and memorable.

    Thank you so very much for mentioning my ORC!! I'm happy you like: )

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