Antiques in the Ladies Room

So y'all, I'm kicking myself.  I let this pretty little cabinet get away.  I usually don't stress too much about this kind of thing, but this is one time I really wish I had been a little more impulsive.  I found it at this super cute little antique and gift shop called Charm located near me in Martin City, MO.  It's only open on Thursdays and by the time I returned the following Thursday the piece had been sold.  Darn!

I was hoping to put it in our master bathroom next to my vanity.  I love the dainty legs and the big glass doors.  I've always loved the look of antique (or antique-looking) furniture in a bathroom. 



I'm leaning toward something small with glass doors like in the the 2nd and 4th images.  While we have quite a bit of storage in our overall bathroom space, I need something next to my vanity area: a.) to get things off of the floor where little curious hands might be lurking, b.) to get everybody out from under my feet while I'm trying to cover my dark circles and pull my hair back into a ponytail, and c.) because it is part of my overall vision for the bathroom/lounge/oasis I will be creating when I get the green light - and you know how powerful a vision can be.  

Soo I'm on the hunt. 

** Side Note: The bathroom has become the place where things go to never be found.  A typical conversation in our house might go:

"Where's the spatula?" 
"Oh, it's probably upstairs in our bathroom."
"Well, the baby was playing with it in the kitchen and I had to bring him and his death grip upstairs to get dressed."

One time The Suze walked in and almost fainted.  She was like, "I need to help you clean up this mess!!!" I tried to explain that everything on the floor had a purpose and could not be moved.  You see an inflatable cow, salad tongs and and a paint brush on the floor and call it a mess.  I call it putting on eyeliner and mascara.  Winning!


  1. Jennifer a piece like that will be just perfect! Love the idea of an antique in the Master Bath!
    Come and see my feature on the redesigned Panache Chocolatier on The Plaza!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. What a beautiful piece. I would love an antique piece in our Master Bath, but we do not have enough room sadly.

  3. I love this look. Have you seen this bathroom? Very nice and swoon : ) ,

    Just read this ORC post today, I love the idea of the Ikea Songe mirror spray painted gold for a bathroom with the antique dark wood,

    It would make a great full-length mirror just leaning against the wall, but in my house with two teen boys and their tomboy teen sister, that way lies madness (and lots of glass shards). Sigh. But I think I'm going to attempt it.


  4. Love the look of cabinets in bathrooms. Wish I had the space. And remember, there will be an even better cabinet coming your way, probably when your least expecting it! Have a great weekend

  5. How pretty! I haven't seen a secretary included in the bathroom before- so unique and beautiful!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes


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