Tricky Rooms (and how I almost got tricked!)

It's so rich and pretty, you almost want to eat it.

Y'all, really, not ten hours after I went through this whole "I'm not going to be tricked into thinking I can live with certain colors" did I almost get tricked.  I dragged the kiddos to Calico Corners to play with fabric yesterday.  It's something I like to do when the laundry starts to pile up (and I'm really determined to work on our bedroom at some point in the next year).  Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the prettiest, richest hot pink magenta I'd ever seen.  It screamed happiness.  Like you could never be sad or down in the presence of this color - always something I think about, because, well, I enjoy happy. 

Immediately my mind wandered back to this room from the book Big Easy Style, which I posted about a long time ago (still one of my favorite decor books of all time).  

And then I seriously thought, "hey, I have a gray kitchen with toile wallpaper ...." 

But you will be proud.  I gave myself a big "NO MA'AM"

Because, well, my kitchen would not look like that.  It would look ridiculous. 

Almost tricked.

I blame Miles Redd and his completely inspiring use of color.  He does the unexpected and makes it not only fun, but really elegant.  Like the next room, which truly makes me so happy when I see it.

Even now, there are some wheels spinning in my brain "mayyybeee in the guest room..."  But really, if you take away the styling, the purposeful pops of color in the vases and lamps and accessories, you have a room that is really very neutral with a pop of color in the chair.  This is why it works.  It's layered with a thoughtful eye and when you are tired of yellow, you just move the vase.  

Another room that really tricked me, is this glossy red room with the tan (brown) velvet sofa and antelope carpet by Todd Romano (via The Peak of Chic).

I love this room despite the fact that it showcases the two colors I really can't live with.  Pink or peach flowers in a room will always trick me.  On top of that, everything is so well-done.  The ever-classic Stark antelope carpet, the sofa is perfectly upholstered with the bullion fringe trim, the walls are the type of high gloss that takes lots of sanding and 8+ coats to achieve, and the Le Lac fabric on the chair, well, let's just say, it's not from Calico Corners.  Tricky.

Magenta, coral, leopard, pale blue and gold.  "Do it," says the little hot pink, red and cheetah print devil on my shoulder (who looks like Miles Redd).  

Miles Strikes again.  I can have tiger pillows toooooo.

Oh hey, citron yellow walls! How can I do that in my house?  (this room is brought to you by Nick Olsen, who used to work for Mr. Redd). 

Tobi Fairly is another designer who likes to trick me with her brilliant, fun use of color.  Red frames?  Don't mind if I do! 

All of these rooms are so lovely and inspiring and well-executed that it's hard not to want to take ideas from it.  The minute I say I don't like a color, some awesome designer finds a way to make it beautiful.  That's what I love about interior design.  But I'm realizing, if I'm going to ever have a Miles Redd-inspired room, I'm probably going to have to hire Miles Redd to do it for me.  (Sigh, wouldn't that be something?!) 

Until then, I think I will leave my experimenting to spaces like the guest room and powder rooms ;)


  1. I too love looking at those types of rooms, but know I could never live with one for long!

  2. So funny, I do this all the time. I see rooms with a million things, patterns and chairs all over and I think that is so what I want to do. Then I see a minimalist room, clean, streamline no clutter and think that is what I want. Red laquer, yes. Black kitchen, yes. Instead I play it safe, stay in my comfort zone, blue white beige.
    If I had the money to do this and make mistakes that I could correct I would but I don't and I would be stuck with a house that looks like I picked up things on the curb. Plus I would probably end up hating the look just as fast as I loved the look.

  3. Jennifer, I gotcha! I adore, adore color, however I do keep my basic pieces pretty neutral. Add art, pillows ceramics etc and voila, do I have color!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Hmm! I may have just order a buttoned armchair in magenta. Lets hope it works out ;)


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