#TBT: Kansas City Spaces

Sooo I happen to have Kansas City (so in love), Blue and White (Go Royals!), and my bedroom (revamp) all on my mind.  Pinterest told me this image (above) has been super popular this month, a room by Marshall Watson that appeared in an issue of Kansas City Spaces.  I clearly scanned it (poorly) and posted it in this kind of hilarious post about twin beds that I must've written when I was in the throws of sleep deprivation after my first baby was born.  How soon we forget.

Of course, I tried to find a better image and failed, but I did find a pretty St. Louis Missouri home on Marshall Watson's web site, which first appeared on the cover of September 2012 issue of Traditional Home.

From his web site:

And from Traditional Home

It's funny how the colors look different in the magazine images.  I'm in love with the pool house and it's interiors in the last 3 images.  Is it weird to say it looks like it smells good? It would be a great place to have a party.  I'm also very envious of the original black and white marble floors in the entry! 

Love a good little trip down the rabbit hole of the Internets. 

I'm glad we did that. 


  1. Gorgeous rooms and I love Kansas City Spaces! Always a classic!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Each room is prettier than the last! Beautiful share!!
    xo. Leslie


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