Suzeday Tuesday & Other Stuff

Sorry, I'm a bit tardy to the Tuesday party, but I wanted to share another peek at The Suze's house update.  Peachy pink flowers take everything up a notch right?  And the sparkly sink fixtures are calling my name. 

She's in the middle of unpacking everything, which is basically like moving into a new house she hadn't really seen before.  This is a time I really wish I lived closer to home so I could help her move stuff around, make firm decisions and she can be done with it. I could pretend we're on an HGTV reality show or something.  Make it fun?  Ok, champagne and pretend reality show.  That's better.  I'd also like to claim a few things for my house before my sisters get to them ... (we'll see which one read today).

Speaking of my house, I have found yet another fabric I am considering for the master bedroom, which I've decided needs attention.  It is a disaster.  It needs to feel quiet. 

I'm liking the fabric below.  Sorry for the extreme close-up.  I'm not sure why I did that. 

I'll have more on that tomorrow. Or in like 5 hours if you're reading this on Wednseday.

This is is the pretty part of the disaster.  The blue and white nest.  Totally perfect for watching ...


Yes.  The baseball team.  Although if there was a live feed of the royals, specifically Princess Kate and Baby George, I would definitely be perched in a nest watching that 24/7. 

Kansas City city is so magical right now.  Really, it's awesome, not to mention it's the most beautiful time of year.  And every one's all decked out in blue.   It's fun to see this city so proud and excited and full of energy. 

* I just had to include a little nod to the team because the game was ending as I was finishing the post. The sound of the crowd cheering and the fireworks outside my window gave me a few goosebumps.  I want to remember it. 

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