Susan Harter Mural Papers

Hiii! Are you dying over those walls?  I came across this image on The Pink Pagoda's always fabulous Blue and White Monday post and had to do some investigative journalism.  My interweb skills led me to Webster & Company's Instagram and then ultimately Susan Harter's Mural Papers.  It seems like a very cool (rather genius) concept.  Basically, you pick a design, send in your room measurements and they tailor the paper to fit your room, only selling you what you need.  I'm considering this as an option for above my fireplace in my family room.  I think I'm going to order a sample.  I'll let you know what I think!

Here are some other gorgeous images from her web site!

I mean, sooo pretty.  I love how the mural in the last image really handles what would be an awkward wall if it were painted a solid color.  It's fabulous!

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  1. The second and the next to last images remind me of the mural Martha Stewart had on her entry walls at the old Turkey Hill farm. I love a good mural wall. DO IT.

  2. Gorgeous!! Our posts could be husband and wife:) Love love love murals...nothing even comes close.

  3. Love the blue and white. Of course !!

  4. I love how a gorgeous mural brings a room to life! All very beautiful and the stairwell - wow!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  5. Hi and how have your summer with boys been? They grow so fast and I tried just be with them with no interruption(: love having two boys!
    Now the wall paper custom fit is a brilliant idea and how is your dining room looking now? Have I missed a post? Xo z

  6. Dead. I can open my eyes and it's pure joy. LOVE it...


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