On Buffets ~ I bring you this post from under a pile of coats.

Sooo I had a genius idea to take on a massive reorganization project last week.  I'm proud to say I successfully took everything out of our closets.

It's now on the dining room table.

Then I figured out how to put stuff on Craigslist from my phone.  And, well, nothing is safe.  If I walk by you and don't love you, you're for sale.  Peace! See ya! Tootles! 

I've actually sold a few things! Today it was the dining room flip top server that was just plain too small for the space as you can see in the (old) photos below. 

And it matched.  And when the only two pieces of furniture in the room match, I feel like you have to mix it up. 

Theresa agrees

So I sold the little buffet-let.  Now, I need something new. 

This is the inspiration picture I keep referring to. 

from this Suzeday Tuesday post

It's hard to see, but behind the table you can make out a console or buffet or something that's NOT dark wood.  I love my chairs and don't want to cover them, but I don't want any more dark wood in my house.  Those chairs are it.  I want to mix it up a bit. 

So here are some buffet/console/credenzas what-have-you of my dreams (toward the end I get a bit more realistic): 

 Murray Mirrored Buffet - One King's Lane

1890s Hunan Blue Buffet

Algos 73" Raised Sideboard, Blue

Painted Sideboard 1st Dibs

Stanley Furniture Continuum Ocean Buffet

Redford House Lawson

Antoinette Sideboard

Lyon Sideboard

Marcel Console

Any thoughts? Ideas?  Y'all never lead me astray!  

Deep Thoughts ~ Things I'm learning about myself:  

I can't do dark wood.  I can't do red.  And I can't do brown.  That's not saying I don't like it when other people do it.  In fact, that's the problem.  I get tricked into thinking it's something I can do.  And my husband likes it so he encourages me. And it's big here in the Midwest, because it's warm and cozy and homey.  So I get tricked into thinking, "well I can do that, too."  But the reality is, I can't do it in my own home.  It's not what I know.

 It's like when I watch a Disney movie with my kids and I think, "I can sing like that, too" and then I start to sing "Let it go" (or in my time it was either "A Whole New World" or Ariel).  So I sing for my kids.  The baby claps with glee, but Edward clasps his hands over his ears and screams "Don't do that!!"  But it's hard because I'm musical and I feel like I can sing.  SO I get tricked into thinking I can sing.  I'm kind of like Britney in that way. 

AAND I just managed to make a post about dining room buffets become about how I'm like Britney.  Somebody put me to bed. 


  1. I am a sucker for all things white, so I say go with white or cream! Although... The washed blue could look pretty cool if it works with the rest of the house! Good luck Brit! Oh I mean Jen!! hahaha! LYLAS!
    Rachel Estrada Massad

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself! There's a little Brittney in all of us! Lol. Sad...but somehow we all can relate deep down inside. I guess that's why I love your blog. Now back to the color thing. I say be true to what you know. I love so many things but I just can't live with them. I know this after spending lots of $ to learn that lesson over and over again. Excited to see what the future brings you.

  3. That post is hysterical! I'm still laughing. :)

  4. I love the Murray mirrored buffet and the Lyon sideboard. I think you're right to get something lighter this time. Theresa is a little dark and moody, and the mirrored buffet would really set her off. But not set her off in a head-shaving-what are you looking at-Britney sort of way. (See, I did it too)

  5. I liked several of the buffets you showed us but particularly like the Marcel Console or Antoinette Sideboard. It would come down to whether you would tire of the blue...what am I thinking, of course you wouldn't! :-)

  6. Jennifer I do love The Marcel or The Antoinette as good classic choices!

    The Arts by Karena
    Featuring Jeff Koons

  7. The last three are my favorite. I have a dark wood table, blue chairs, a blue buffet and white slip covered hostess chairs in my dining room.

  8. I like you. You always make me feel better about myself and my indecision. Thanks!!

    I like the gray-blue Swedish painted buffet best. It's soft and romantic...I don't think you'd get tired of it. I find most of the others to be a bit harsh. Mirrored? Too glitz. Bright blue? Too flashy. You want soft and serene, no? To contrast with your actual life? :)

    1. Aw thank you! I think most people are pretty indecisive about decorating. It just means you care. You're so right, bold would be too much. Mirror could totally go too glitzy (and lets be honest, I'm not going to be windexing the face prints off of that thing all day long).

  9. I'd go with the blue Antoinette, some of the others look too much like a dresser or console, and wouldn't you want to vacuum under it? You crack me up about needing to be put to bed...we all get that way. I sell on ebay and nothing is safe within my reach, so you inspire me too.

  10. Love the Continuum Ocean buffet and the Lawson buffet!! :)


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