It's Friday, Wha? Have a Lovely Weekend?

* A white house with blue shutters and striped awnings = emoji heart eyes 

How can a week fly by and be the longest week ever?  I hope to do a little bit of Fall decorating outside and take the kids to a pumpkin patch.  Kip and I are probably going to heatedly negotiate the number of pumpkins that is appropriate to have outside your front door.  He will say 2 and I will say 10 or more.  I'm also inspired to do a big grouping of mums in different colors after seeing this post from The Potted Boxwood.   I usually just go for the lavender mums, but I love the idea of mixing lots of different colors.  So basically tons of mums and pumpkins need to happen this weekend.  Follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for updates!

UPDATE: Anyone have tips for getting half a bottle of Mr. Bubble out of the carpet??? Yep, that just happened. 

Enjoy these linkies:

whyyyyyy? whhhyyyyyy, must I covet these so?
(ya, that why was in Nancy Kerrigan's voice)
(I'll tell you why because they are gorgeous)

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 Autumn Chopped Kale Salad that I can't wait to try

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(This sums difference between my 20-year-old and 30-yearold self and why I'm loving getting older)

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