Have a Safe and Spooky Weekend!

Happy Halloween (Lord, please let this day be over soon).  One of my children got into the Halloween candy and if we make it through this day without a serious injury, I will be relieved.  Anybody remember Phillip the Hyper Hypo skit from SNL?  That's my child right now.  But really, nothing is cuter than the Littles all dressed up, running from house to house to get candy like it's their job.  Anyone have any awesome costumes this year?! My little niece is going as a white witch and dare I say she looks incredibly chic.  Edward is either going to be a lion or a monster and the baby is probably just going to be a pumpkin instead of the adorable abominable snow monster that he has clearly vetoed.  Here's to a safe evening for everyone! TGIF! 

The Huffington Post named Kansas City the Coolest City in America

Tomorrow is Nov. 1 a.k.a. the first day of DINOVEMBER
(I had no idea the couple behind this fun bit of magic is from Kansas City!)

National Geographic Magazine once called it a "Time Capsule of the South"

Just the most awesome birthday party ever for so many reasons #joychangeslives

I have a love/hate with turtlenecks, but I'll give this one a try perhaps

These Thanksgiving cups make me LOL

Going to try this creamy broccoli soup too

 Home as a Haven - I love this

I am so excited to see this custom pagoda lantern

The lovely Kerry Steele for Serena & Lily - #thingsIwantformyhouse

A gorgeous Blue & White Pinterest board from my Pinterest Soulmate

These Old Navy pants are soo comfortable & kind of stylish for running errands and chasing kids

Have a Spooky Weekend!!! 

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  1. Well, thank you for the link love! Have a great Halloween. I am trying to quit eating all of the Crunch bars dipped in PB.


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