Have a Loverly Weekend!

* This picture has nothing to do with anything except it's pretty.  via Architectural Digest

Heading to Chicago for my bestie's wedding! I'm so excited to get to see some of my favorite people in the world and reminisce about our sillier days. I can't wait to eat, sleep and watch my bestie finally tie the knot.  We've been talking about this day since our college years when we'd sit up late at night, eating pizza, listening to Counting Crows and wondering if we'd ever find someone who would say, "every time she sneezes, I believe it's love."  Well, I don't think our guys would ever say that, but they feel it, and that's all that matters.  Love is in the air!  I hope y'all have a fantastic fall weekend! Go Royals!!

Enjoy these linkies with your hot dogs and drinkies :)

A perfect ROYAL blue onesie for a little boy 

I had no idea Bill Murray had 6 kids

Something about these tiny baby pictures make my heart melt 

I found a new thing to collect (but I just know Edward is going to play with them) 

Excited and Scared for what Tory Burch is going to make me think I can do with this

Cool Kansas City T-Shirts
(I just got my Royals one and it's soo cute!)

Mark your calenders: November 5th = Britney Day!
(For me it's Oct. 28th, the day I met my husband, dressed as pregnant Britney Spears, me not him, he was a ninja turtle, I felt God speaking to me, but then I thought, "Does God speak to people carrying Cheetos and dressed as a pregnant pop star? is this really how I'm meeting the man I'm going to marry?? Of all the times I've tried to look cute ..." True Story.)

TK TK gifs


  1. I will never not laugh at the weird dancing pumpkin man. Never.

  2. Have a great weekend Jennifer and thank you for the morning laugh!

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