Birthday Blues (and Whites!)

No birthday blues here!  I had a fabulous day.  I'm still recovering from an epic wedding weekend in Chicago, which I will share more about when I have sleeping kiddos.  But for now I wanted to share a few blue and white birthday gifts that I'm super excited about.

Wedgwood Pearlware "Flow Blue" Dinner or Cabinet Plate Circa 1855-69

My in-laws gave me this wonderful plate to add to my collection of blue and white.  It's from an antique shop in Charleston called Geo C. Birlant & Co that I'm going to have to add to my list of shops to visit next time I go. 

I love the cobalt color and the deliberate blurred effect that this type of glazing created, a style known as Flow Blue  Not only did I get a pretty plate to display, but I also learned something new!*

* I should probably learn more about blue and white if I'm going to be obsessed with it.  The other night I was discussing my love of blue and white with my friend's mother-in-law, who is an antiques dealer in Charleston, and she asked me which kind I loved the most.  I knew what she meant, but I had no answer.  I'm like, "all of it.  Just all blue and white."  Then I recovered by adding "particularly chinoiserie." 

Right now it's sitting on my mantle with some of my other favorite blue and white pieces.  (The mantle is about to get a new look.  Hint: remember this post).

My mom gave me these gorgeous flowers from Flowers by Emily, a local florist here in Leawood, KS, who always does gorgeous arrangements.  

You can see a little bit more of two of my presents in the picture above.  First, The Suze is having pillows made for my family room in this fabric that we both fell in love with from Colefax and Fowler.

Then you may notice the little ticket glimpse.

One guess.

Mayybe I photoshopped my face ... not sure why it's purple.


Kip got me Britney tickets for my birthday!

I cried.

Not because of Britney (yes because of Britney), but because it was so thoughtful. 

He wins.

Kip, this is your prize**.  Your face next to mine on one of the greatest couple outfits of all time worn by Britney and JT.  You're welcome.  You can frame it and put it in your office. 

** Apologies if my husband ever runs for office and this picture starts to make the rounds.  And by apologies, I mean apologies to his opponent for not thinking of it first. 

Finally, not really a birthday present, but still pretty awesome (and blue and white), LET'S GO ROYALS!!!!


  1. A very happy birthday to you...looks like it was a happy one indeed! You had me laughing at your response to what kind of blue and white, too funny.

    I love the pillow fabric, your beautiful flowers and of course the gorgeous plates...its all good! Hope this year is the best yet.......

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! It sounds like it was wonderful

  3. Happy Birthday! I can't wait to hear all about the Britney extravaganza. If I were you, I'd start researching how one could possibly, accidentally stalk/meet a celebrity without getting arrested. (But I've been known to post bail for a good cause).

  4. Happy Birthday!! This post was too cute!!
    xo. Leslie

  5. Happy Birthday! I love the image of you and your bestie, Brittany.


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