Throwback Thursday: A Popular Pin from Parish-Hadley

I rarely look at my blog stats (I don't really know how), but I did happen to notice that I had a couple visitors from a particular pin on Pinterest.  Every once in awhile I'll come across and image or a pin that is apparently from my blog and I'm like, "oooh I like that, did I post that?!"  Such was the case with the image above.  I thought, "Wait, I posted that? I LOVE it!"  It's Parish-Hadley virtually untouched since the 70s.  And it is still chic and timeless today.  The image is from this post I did back in May of 2011, where I pretended to be Oprah and then declared Veranda my favorite thing.  

Now, you are going to see how crazy I really am and how easily distracted I can get.  In an effort to find a better quality image than the one above, I tried a little Google Image Search.  No dice.  BUUUT I did fall down the rabbit hole know as Visually Similar Images.  Holy Moly. AYayay (in Juan Pablo's voice).

And here's what I  found:

A gorgeous dining room with Trompe L'oeil walls and fun Miles Redd-ish, pagoda pelmets over the drapes.  Note the continued pagoda detail above the door.  See the entire $32 Million Palm Beach Estate to which this dining room dream belongs.

Mica Ertegun’s dining room in Turkey with 18th century engravings depicting antique Turkish costume. (need to know that wall color)

A lovely green room with fern-fabric-covered chairs.  (See Mom, ferns are in again!) (We used to have a ferny kelly green sofa growing up)

I think somebody drew the architecture where this law firm is located and then they used it for their firm website.  Regardless, we all win.

The arched windows, the gorgeous landscape, the black and white floor in this beautiful light-filled living room is definitely going in an "If I ever build a home ..." inspiration file. 

Then this is just pretty, pretty, pretty.

I absolutely love the colors in this dining room!

Can you imagine drinking coffee in this Manhattan sunroom?

This is what happens when you start a blog post late at night and then just keep following the links.  Google  I may have to make a regular series out of this.  It's so nice to get lost in beautiful images sometimes. 


  1. I've had that green fern room tear-out saved for ages. I'm obsessed with the idea of doing a green fern thing for our guest room. One day...

  2. Throw me back on to this Thursday any day of the week! LOVE the images....

  3. Adore and it all started with the very first image! That mirror, the chandelier, the leather upholstery, the lattice walls! Amazing Jennifer!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. L O V E!!!! SO my kind of decorating..old school and fabulous!


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