Yes, I know, it was so mean of me not to follow in detail the renovation chez Suze all summer, so I offer you the blurry sneak peek above (hope that's ok Mom!).  Gorgeous family room built-ins, which inspire the kind of panic over what books are worthy of display that I know so well.  

I can't wait to get in there and take some detail pictures for y'all!  Most of it was just demolition and boring things like wiring and plumbing. 

Also, I had to tread lightly.  The Suze was going through all of the emotional highs and lows that everyone goes through during this kind of thing.

 There was excitement one day and then the next day it was the worst decision she'd ever made and "why is nobody interested in my mood boards?"

The Suze and I both have a bit of a reality distortion field when it comes to the boundaries of home renovations.

We tend to dismiss phrases like "load bearing walls" and "budget" when sharing our grand visions with people.

In fact, The Suze has been known to remind people that "they can put a man on the moon, so they can surely figure out a way to do this."

Kip tried to gently explain that the people who are installing a dishwasher probably could not put a man on the moon, but The Suze is ever the optimist and insisted some could.  

But we are finally to the point in the redo where she is really happy with the outcome.  

It is far from complete, but we are at a place where there has been at least a few sighs of relief.

It is scary to tear up your home, give a guy a bunch of money and pray he executes your vision.  I mean, there are much scarier things in the world, but when your physical home is the heart and soul of your family, it's very overwhelming.  

But there are some really funny stories about the process, which I would love to share, but it might be too soon.

(like my family was almost briefly involved in a civil war)

(and I, at one point, was called "ruder than mom and dad" by someone). 

 Maybe in a few years? Maybe if y'all share your stories?

So while I don't have many pics from the house to share, I hope you enjoyed the little walk through The Suze's Inspiration Pics.  (Yes, go the the link to see her Pinterest Board with all of these photos and more).   I promise to bring you the good stuff :)


  1. Really amazing photos Jennifer. It is very true; all families have their dramas and some pretty intense even if they are not talked about. Sometimes it takes a few years to be able to laugh about some situations!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. I have always loved the pics of Suze's (your mom's) house so I know I'm going to love the newly remodeled version. I don't know of anything more stressful than remodeling...unless you count world hunger or the ISIS thugs as stressful. :-) But those of us who enjoy our homes feel Suze's pain.

  3. Can't wait to see the finished product of Suze's renovation! I don't know that any gut remodel brings out the best in its homeowners but I'm sure the beautiful results will be well worth the struggle!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  4. Just became your mom's 501 pinterest follower. Love her boards.
    I can't wait to see the final reveal. I renovated and expanded my house 7 years ago and am still not finished. I never will be, I think it will be easier to sell and start over.
    Trust me they always say something can't be done, it just means they don't want to do it. Some people will take any shortcut. I especially love when they say you don't know what you are talking about and I say I did it in my last house. BTW THEY SURE DO KNOW HOW TO DO ANYTHING WHEN THEY ARE TAKING YOUR MONEY.
    I honestly believe they try to drive you crazy so you just kick them off the job so they don't have to finish.

    1. Mary Beth,
      You must have been monitoring my building projects. "You don't want that", was a constant response from my two different contractors. I have built 2 magazine cover quality houses and I fired the contractor half way through on both of them. The rule is if I'm writing the check I call the tune.


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