Morning y'all!

So my friend Amanda from Dixie Delights tagged me in a post quite awhile back and I'm finally getting around to responding.  Amanda is the cutest. She's such an amazing mom and someone I hope to cross paths with in real life someday so, of course, I'm happy to oblige.  I love reading these questionnaires on other blogs.  I usually find I have something in common with the person answering the questions and that just feels nice sometimes.    Hope y'all find we have something in common!

1. Are you named after someone?

Yes! My mom's bestie roommate from college.  She's such a sweet, wonderful person that I'm honored to be named after her.

The Suze and Jennifer - both too cute!
I have a hard time believing their third roommate could yell at them for decorating their room at the Kappa house like a jungle.  Look at how sweet and angelic they are!

2.  When was the last time you cried?

Oh probably, 10 minutes ago.  Just kidding.  I think it was the other night when I was reading On The Night You Were Born to Edward.  The first page gets me every time.

(crying now)

3. Do you have kiddos?

Y'all know I have two boys, Edward IV (top) and Christopher the Honey Bear (below).

I'll be honest, I'm in love with them.  They've moved me to actually love things like worms and dinosaurs, lizards and destruction.  (oops, I just cried)

4. If you were another person would you be a friend of yourself?

Oh for sure, except I might get annoyed with my constant need to talk things out and dish out advice (although my best friends do the same thing and I love it).  But I'm usually on time and always up for champagne and general silliness.

5. Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Lots of things other people might consider guilty pleasures.  I feel no shame though.  Britney, Real Housewives, The Kardashians.  Just pleasures.  I do love a good social media scandal, like when someone over-shares something on Facebook or Twitter.  That's something I feel kind of guilty delighting in.  It's just so humorous and fascinating when people take to the Internets to air their grievances. 

6. Do you like handwriting?

Oh yes.  I'm always checking out and judging people's handwriting.  Mine's not terrible, but not beautiful.  It's a little bit high school girl.  Handwriting was one of those weirdly important social things in high school.  Maybe it was just my school.  The Suze has really great handwriting! A combination of school teacher, former calligraphist, chronic list-maker.

As seen in this Suzeday Files pic below.  It's funny to see her pics floating around pinterest. 

7. What's your favorite cereal?

Lucky Charms

8. What's the first thing you notice about people?

Their energy. Are they mostly positive or mostly negative.

9. What's the color of your eyes?


10.  Scary movie or happy endings?

Happy for sure.  I hate to be scared.  I'm such a baby.  I like to either feel good or really cool when I leave a movie.  A good script is second only to gorgeous set decoration.

 Ya, you know what I'm talkin' about.

11.  Favorite TV Shows

Not gonna lie, Bachelor in Paradise was my favorite show of the summer.  I also love House of Cards, Homeland and any Housewives (see how I just slipped that in there).  Kip and I just got back into 24.  When we first started dating in law school, one of the few things we did together outside of studying was watch 24.  So it's weird to watch it now in a totally different life place.  It sort of takes you back.  It also has some good sets.

from my sofa

12. Summer or Winter?

Summer.  Except Winter has Christmas, which is my favorite.

13.  Hugs or Kisses?

Kisses from my kids and Kip.  Hugs from everyone else, except not all the time.  Sometimes it's too much for me.  This is a new post-kids thing. 

14. Do you have any special talent?

Apparently, right now I'm really good at coming up with wedding hashtags.  I'm also really good at sitting down and psychoanalyzing people's lives with them over a glass of champagne. 

15. Where were you born?

Denver, CO.  I know, random.

16. What are your hobbies?

Blogging, Birthday Parties, Estate Saling, Consignment Shopping, doing lunch without kids, taking one million pictures of my kids, eating good food, making good food, telling people what to do.

17. Do you have any pets?

Yes, our poor dog Reagan who convinces everyone that she gets no attention.  Shes the sweetest little girl ever.  She's a yellow lab with a curly tail.

18. Favorite movie?

White Christmas.  Always makes me happy.

If I could own one piece of movie history, this costume would be it.  Even just the fan.

19.  What color is your car?

White. Very Midwestern and practical of me.  Doesn't get too dirty. 

20. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A great mom.  And maybe a creator of something else besides children.  I have a lot of ideas, but not a lot of artistic skills (this is where my ability to tell people what to do comes in handy).  I also hope to do more giving.  I know it sounds pageanty, but it really is a good feeling to bring someone a little light in their dark day.  That might be my greatest goal. 

*It took me SIX WEEKS to write this post.  And I just watched my 1 year old put a tennis ball in the printer.  A regular printer.  Remind of this next time I mention my printer's broken and I have no idea why. 


  1. This post just reminded me Amanda tagged me too. So if I start today I will probably have my response ready by Thanksgiving...haha. Love that you are named after your mom's bestie!!!

  2. Haha - totally feel your number 13. As much as I worship the ground my children walk on before them I had no understanding of Greta Garbo's 'I want to be alone!'. And totally hear you on 11. But that rules out House of Cards (I need good people!), and Homeland even tests me - missing my hook - pretty sets and clothes. Frivolity j'adore it seems ;) PS my recently replaced printer already no longer works either - no wondering why.

  3. Gawd, I must be old. Or something. The show "24" as being way back there in history, Denver being "random", and a white car being "Midwestern". This is all quite hilarious to me.

    1. I should clarify, Denver is only random to relative me because I never talk about it on the blog. It's totally not a random city.


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