Seagrass Heaven

Hello friends! I'm traveling (without kids!) so I'm posting from my phone, but wanted to quickly share a somewhat unstyled snapshot (it's cleaner than usual) of our new seagrass rug that arrived for our family room. 

Our old rug was a gorgeous Heriz persian rug that was just a tad small for the room. It also ended up being too much color for me. It was great with white walls and a neutral sofa. 

But then I had to go put furniture on it and decorate with the only colors I really like, blue, white, turquoise, gray and pale greenish bluish grayish. Wouldn't you know, it just didn't work. 

It's now in our dining room, but is also for sale if anyone's interested. 

* Ok here's a really unstyled before pic that was meant for my family's eyes only. But anyone with small children knows that most of the time our house looks like this (ok worse, way worse). Just keeping it real. 

And now let's look at the same room (kind of cleaned up) with the new rug again. 

It is sooo much better. So much calmer.  I'm sure y'all saw that coming a mile away (thanks for being such sweet readers and commenters and not being all, "Girl, have ya lost your mind?") 

Lesson learned. 

I've got to stop being enchanted by shiny things and fun color combos and start thinking about what I really love. That's a whole post in and of itself :) 

P.S. I'd really LOVE a beautifully monogrammed throw blanket to drape over the leather chair. I'm thinking ivory with a sagey blue or gray monogram. Any recommendations? (Besides Leontine, which is always my favorite option). Y'all never lead me astray. 

P.P.S. The new seagrass rug is from Ballard. $379 for a 10x14. (I know. Unreal.) I ordered it from the catalog (over the phone like it's 1995) because it said it was sold out online. So far great quality, color and smells heavenly! 


  1. Love the rug! Is it soft underfoot? I'm looking for one for our guest room but I want it to be comfortable to walk on barefoot.

    1. Thank you! Yes seagrass is not bad to walk on barefoot. My kids crawl around on it and are fine. Sisal is the one that is really rough. Jute is really soft but sheds and falls apart in high traffic areas in my experience. I would do my whole house in seagrass if I could!

  2. I love the new rug. The room looks so bright and airy. I purchased a throw from West Elm and had a friend monogram it for me. I love how it turned out!! And, it is super soft.

  3. Love the new look. I may be interested in your Heriz if you would email me the size and how much you want Jennifer.

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