My New Caspari Die-Cut Placemats

How awesome are these Blue and White Caspari Die-Cut Placemats that my bestie, Tushy (that's what I call her), gave me! They're so me.  I can use them everyday and just wipe them down.  I know, this sounds like an advertisement.  I just get really excited when practical things are pretty.  It's easy for fancy things to be pretty, but I often feel the inexpensive practical things lack the level of prettiness I enjoy.  And I enjoy a very high level of prettiness.  So basically, these make me really happy to look at and I don't have to put them away to collect dust, while I wait for people who know the difference between eating like human and eating like a dog to come dine at my home.  

Tushy bought them from the Charleston china shop, Vieuxtemps, which I told y'all about in this post.  I'm not sure if they have any more, but it wouldn't hurt to call.  I also found some with a quick search on Amazon.

The Caspari Online web site did not have these particular placemats, but they had some other things I loved.

Like these Boxwood Die-Cut placemats that remind me of my girl Christina of The Potted Boxwood.  

I also loved the Famille Rose pattern, 

and the Garden Pavillions pattern.  

Also, how chic is this tortoise matchbox?  That's one of those little details I always forget about until I see my ugly Best Choice matchboxes scattered about my home next to my candles.  (so not a cool blogger thing to admit)

And I love these blue chinoiserie toile die-cut placecards.  These would look good on any table. 

As much as I love fine paper and fancy things, it's nice to have beautiful, less-expensive options for smaller, simpler affairs, like, you know, dinner.  I may be the only one who appreciates it, but that's ok.  My boys will appreciate it when they're in college and and eating off of the dish they found in the sink that may or may not be theirs. 

They will look at their ugly (possibly foreign) plate and think, "My mom would hate this.  I hate this.  I wish she were here to make me her spaghetti and meatballs on her pretty plates and place mats.  I should call her and tell her I love her." 

Right?  They'll do that right?  Sigh. 

As long as they don't get a giant tattoo of my face on their arm (a la Rob Kardashian), I'm willing to settle for knowing that they're thinking it with my super mom ESP. 

P.S. As I've said before, no affiliated links on this blog.  Just my need to share the love.


  1. Jennifer I adore these placemats, my favorite being my friend Harrison Howard's Chinoiserie Garden Pavillion!

    Haute Couture Ateliers

  2. Crazy question, where do you put your drinking glass? All the round place mats I have seen have no room. And if you have a nice wood table, what do you use?

    1. That's a good question! Since these placemats are pretty informal you could probably use a pretty coaster or cocktail napkin under the water glasses. Or just put the placemats over a tablecloth.

  3. Great placemats - so pretty I'd hate to cover with a plate. Adore the Garden Pavillion!


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