Girls Weekend in Charleston and Savannah

Helloo friends! I just returned from a much needed girls' trip to Savannah to celebrate my bestie's bachelorette weekend.  I'll spare you a complete rundown of our antics, but I included a few highlights at the end of the post.

I flew into Charleston the first night to get in some bestie time and drive to Savannah with her.  I just love that city so much.  While the future bride and groom were waiting for their house just outside of Charleston to be ready, the bride was working in a gorgeous fine china shop called Vieuxtemps

Next time I go to Charleston that will be one of my first stops.  It was closed when I arrived, but just looking through the windows, I could tell it was my kind of place.  Today was her last day and I know she's sad to leave.  I would be too!

I also visited with her future in-laws that evening in their gorgeous home on King St. 

Funny aside: A bird flew into the house right as we walked in and there was much debate over whether or not it was actually a bat.  We spent the first 10 minutes hiding and screaming and laughing.  It was great and the creature eventually found it's way out of the house unharmed. 

It was a great weekend and I cannot wait to go back and visit again!

Savannah Bachelorette Party Highlights: 

We had an amazing delicious dinner at The Olde Pink House, tasted some honey at Savannah Bee Company, and did a bicycle pub crawl with Savannah Slow Ride that was one of the silliest things I've ever done (so silly that we ended up scarfing down pizza and missing our Saturday night dinner). 

We dined in this pretty room.  KI loved the wall color, which was much more sage than you see here.  Loved the atmosphere! The food was excellent as well.

The bride tasting honey at Savannah Bee Company.  I want that mirror behind the bar for my house.

We also did a Hearse Ghost Tour the first night.  It was semi-interesting.  I'd heard great things about it and thought it would be a fun thing to do, especially because The Bride loves all things haunted.  It might have just been our driver, but it seemed a bit like when Edward is telling me a story he made up.  Apparently, Peg Leg-Ron is the driver to get.  Ours was Captain Kirk.  Maybe he was having an off day.  It was still a pretty funny way for a small group to see historic Savannah.


  1. LOVE both cities, but Charleston in particular even though it was 100 degress when we were beautiful and so perfectly Southern.

  2. I actually have had 2 bats fly into rooms with me - WEIRD. And one was on my wedding night! VERY funny story but maybe not for here :) The other was with my Mama and luckily she is way braver than me. That one was HUGE and tres terrifying - poor thing was just as terrified as me - BAD combination. Thank goodness for my brave Mama :)


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